why is my px22 turtle beach vlum control truns in to chat vlum when i use on my laptop how to fix?

In order to use Turtle Beach headsets on a PC, you’ll need to download the Turtle Beach Audio Hub software and install it on your PC. The software also allows you to adjust the settings of your headset and change the sound profiles. I don’t have a Turtle Beach product, but I think you should contact the customer service team on their website.
I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble with your Turtle Beach headset. Unfortunately, I can't troubleshoot the issue you're having because I don't have a headset to test the volume and chat controls on.
On your Xbox One, navigate to Settings, then Kinect and Devices. Select Kinect. Select Device settings. Select the device you use for chat, such as a headset or Kinect sensor. Select Reset Device.
You need to plug the USB cable into the PC and then press the button on the controller to connect it. If you're using a Mac, you need to use a Bluetooth connection.