Vizio Soundbar Universal Remote Codes

The Universal Remote Codes And Program Instructions For Vizio Soundbar

Are you after the correct remote codes for that Vizio Soundbar? If yes, then you’re in the right place. 

From this post, you find the appropriate codes for SAT remote, cable, or universal remote control that you need to control that Vizio Soundbar.

With the right programming guide and remote codes, you will find an easy way of managing that Vizio Soundbar using a universal remote.

Universal Remote Codes And Program Instructions For Vizio Soundbar

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Five-Digit Universal Remote Codes For Vizio Sound Bar

The codes needed in this case include 11144, 31517, 31975, and 32454. 

Four-Digit Universal Remote Codes For Vizio Sound Bar

The remote codes used in this case include 0883, 1517, and 0660. 

The other crucial remote codes for Vizio Soundbar include S3821, VSB200, VHT215, SB3820, and VSB201. These remote codes work excellently on Atlas 1056B03, U-Verse, S10-S4, Comcast remote controls, Xfinity X5 remote, and S10-S3. 

It is now the right time to program that remote control so that it can work with your Vizio Soundbar. We’re going to cover the correct procedure to follow so that you can program that Vizio Sound Bar and remote control. 

The Right Way Of Programming A Univeral Remote For Vizio Soundbar

1. Keycode

With the keycode, you get an easy way of programming a Vizio Soundbar remote control. Also, the keycode plays a crucial role in identifying the equipment’s make and model. 

  • Start by turning your device on
  • Press the option name ‘TV’ on the universal remote
  • Next, press and then hold the option named, ‘Setup button’ on the universal remote. Continue holding this button until you see a ‘light flash,’ which means that the remote is in the, ‘learning mode.’
  • The final step involves entering the ‘Keycode,’ indicated in the instruction booklet
  • After the above procedure, point the universal at the television. Next, press and then hold the remote’s power button 
  • Continue pressing the power button until when the tv switches off

2. Using A Univeral Remote Code To Program The Remote

Were you unable to get a keycode that works correctly for the Vizio Soundbar universal remote? If yes, then you need to set up that remote into search mode so that you can get the correct one. This manual code will force the remote to enter the search mode. 

  • Start by turning the device on 
  • After this, press and then hold the button named, ‘Setup.’
  • Next, add the three-digit code, ‘9-9-1.’
  • Lastly, check the, ‘power button.’ Hold it down and press the, ‘channel up, button until the television turns off

3. Setting Up Manually 

  • Let the remote control point to the universal remote control that needs replacement
  • Next, press the button named, ‘Magic’ or ‘Setup Button.’
  • Now enter the universal code, and you can get this from the instruction booklet
  • The next step involves pressing the function that needs programming such as, ‘TV Volume Up.’
  • Press and then hold on the corresponding key featured on the ‘Original Remote Controller
  • After this, lights will ‘blink,’ meaning the function has been saved as required
  • Now the universal remote features the button named, ‘TV Volume Up’ and you can use it

It is our hope that you managed to use all the above codes to program the universal remote control and Vizio Soundbar. These are the correct methods to implement whenever you want to set up your Comcast Cable Soundbar remote control. 

Other crucial techniques to try include: 

Key Fix For Verizon Fios

Have you managed to program that remote control correctly, but still other keys such as the A/V, Volume, and Mute can’t work? Worry no more! Here is the next crucial procedure to follow to fix this  issue: 

  • Press and hold the options, ‘*’ and ‘OK’ at the same time. After this, the RED LED will blink two times and then stay illuminated. 
  • Next, press and then hold the key that ‘does not work’ as required. By doing this, you will make the remote control to alternate the remote codes for every one second. 
  • Now you can release the button if the device starts to function correctly. 
  • Lastly, you need to click, ‘OK’ to allow automatic saving of all the current settings.  

But still, some codes may not function with other configurations such as the SAT tv remote or cable television remote model. In this case, you can program the unsupported model by setting up every key differently. 

Also, note that each remote control functions by sending a specific remote code to the Vizio soundbar. 

U-Verse Remote Control And Vizio Soundbar Fixing Method

  • With the ‘1009 remote code,’ you will find an easy way of programming that Vizio Soundbar into the ‘TV’ button on the U-Verse remote
  • Make use of the ‘Auto Scan Mode’ or ‘Manual Code’ to program that TV using the ‘DVD Key’ featured on the remote. 
  • This step entails sending ‘Vol to the TV key.’ You can make this a reality by pressing ‘ATT.’ After this click, ‘OK,’ enter the code 977,  click, ‘ATT,’ and then click the buttons named ‘DVD’ and ‘TV.’ Finally, click the, ‘Enter’ option, and that is all!


Are still the codes not working as expected? Worry no more! Just share feedback relating to the model number of your soundbar and remote. After this, we will come up with the right programming method or codes.

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