Tenda Router Login

Tenda Router Login

If you don’t know how to access your Tenda router, don’t know where to locate your IP address, don’t know what’s your router’s default login credential, having trouble with your WiFi network, can’t configure your router settings. And finally, you don’t know how to troubleshoot your router. Don’t panic; you will find everything that you need to know about how to login to your Tenda router. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it, shall we?

Steps to Login Your Tenda Router

Before we get into the meat and drink of this guide, you must first make sure that your computer or whatever device you want to login to your Tenda router is connected to the same network. Whether you decide to connect using a LAN cable or going wireless…any option will do just fine.

Navigate to from Your Web Browser

Once your connection is all clear, open your web browser of choice and navigate to And if IP address doesn’t work, try, and press “enter.”

You will be directed to the Tenda router’s login panel. There you will be asked to enter your password and username. Some folks may notice that after pressing “enter,” the login window doesn’t appear; if so, proceed to the next step, which is an alternative method finding your correct IP address.

Alternative Way of Finding Your Tenda Router’s IP Address

I assume that you are using a Windows operating system, if not you go to the next step. For Windows users, press and hold “WIN+R,” a small box will pop up at the bottom right of your screen with the “ipconfig” command, do you see it? Now press “enter.”

Some numbers will appear after you press enter. Beside “Default Gateway,” you will see some number, that’s your IP address. Copy and paste this number in your web browser and press “enter.”

Enter Default Tenda Wireless Router Login Credentials

Typically, with most Tenda routers, you don’t need a username or password to login to your Tenda router for the first time. Just click submit, and don’t worry about leaving the spaces blank. However, there are a few models of Tenda router going around where you need to enter your default credentials. In this case, you can use admin as both username and password. That should work.

But if you are still unable to access your router’s admin panel and you know you have not previously changed your username or password, then you will need to reset your router. You will find out to do this below.

Change Your Password

Once you have entered your default username and password correctly, you will be granted access to your router’s admin console. There you can change your password, and I strongly recommend that you do this, change it to something more unique and that you can remember. Also, make sure that you make a note of your new login credentials, just in case you forget it in the future. Other than changing your password and/or username, there are a lot more settings and things you can do as well, mainly, changing your WiFi name, set up a static Ip, set up a firewall, and open communication ports. The possibilities are endless; you can do whatever you so desire. But be careful not to mess things up, if this happens, here’s where troubleshooting tips come in handy, which by the way is our next segment.

Troubleshooting Tenda Router

If you have been too adventurous in your configurations and you unintentionally caused your router to stop working because of your changes. Don’t worry; I have you covered. Well, not me, but the reset button. You can easily reset your router back to its default settings by pressing and holding the reset button. To go in more details, here’s how you go about doing this:

Switch off your Tenda router, but keep it unplugged. Next, press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds, (the reset button is a small button located at the back of your router). At this point, rebooting, give it about ten minutes until it’s finished. Once the rebooting process is completed, the router will boot itself on; you don’t need to do this. Congratulations, you can now login to your Tenda router using the default login credentials. Make sure that once you regain entry into your router’s control panel, change the password and make a note of it.


Now that you know how to access your Tenda router, you can enjoy and make use of your router’s full potential. Tenda routers are top-notch in terms of speed and connectivity, no wonder you had to buy it. That said, you have reached the end of a complete guide on how to login to your Tenda router. Go ahead, pat yourself on the back, you deserve it. And as always, if you have any question, feel free to drop me a message.

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