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Figure Out Your Belkin Router’s IP Address

To be able to access your router web interface, you need to know your router’s IP address. Generally, there are two ways to find out your IP address, these are:

  • Using an automatic tool
  • Doing it manually

Using an automated tool to Find Your Belkin Router IP

Using an automatic tool is by far the most comfortable and quickest way to find out your router’s IP address. For example, you can visit “,” and there you will be able to see what’s your IP address.

Manually Finding Your Belkin Router IP

Finding out what is your router’s IP address manually is a bit more technical, that said, I will walk you through the manual way of finding your IP address on any device.

Finding Your Belkin router IP on Windows

  • Press the “windows” icon on the bottom left-hand corner, or you can press the Windows Key + R for the dialogue to appear.
  • To launch the command prompt, type cmd in the dialogue box and press Enter.
  • Now, in the command prompt interface, type ipconfig and press Enter
  • Now scroll until you find your Router’s IP address listed alongside “Default Gateway.”

Finding your Belkin router IP on Mac

  • Go to System Preferences
  • Go to “Network,” followed by “Advanced.”
  • Now you will be able to see your router’s IP address under TCP/IP.

Finding your Belkin Router’s IP on Android

  1. Open the Settings app on your Android OS.
  2. Locate Network & Internet
  3. Select “WIFI”
  4. After clicking on your connected Wi-Fi, you will see your router’s IP.

Finding your Belkin router IP from You iPhone

  • Open Settings app in iOS
  • Choose ‘Wi-Fi’
  • Identify your current Wi-Fi connection.
  • Tap on the (i) icon in the right corner next to the Wi-Fi name (it’s blue.)
  • Here you will find your default gateway in the IP Address section.

Figure out your Belkin router’s login credentials

If you haven’t logged in and changed your username and password before, then you can log in to your router using the default login credentials. Otherwise, if you have logged in to your router and changed your username and password and can’t remember them, then your only option is to reset the router to its default settings.

Open your Belkin router web interface.

Once you have found your router’s IP address in step one, navigate to the address from your web browser (remember to add the http://-part of the address.)

Steps to Login Your Belkin Router

After pressing ‘enter’ in the previous step, you will be taken to a page asking you for your username and password. Add your default login credentials, and you should be able to access your router’s admin panel.

Step 1: Connect your modem to the Internet port on your Belkin router with an Ethernet cable

The very first thing you need to do to reach the setup page of your Belkin router is to connect to its Network. And this you can do through wireless connection or by using an Ethernet cable to connect your devices.

Step 2: Accessing your Belkin setup pages

Open your web browser and go to; from there, you will be able to login to your router.

Step: 3 Enter your Belkin username and password

Where you see username and password, enter your username and password, then press “enter.” If it’s your first-time login in, your username is “admin”, and your password is “password.”

Once you have logged in, you will be presented with your router’s settings. Here you can change your password (you should, to something unique that you can remember.)

Configure your router settings

Now that you have successfully logged into your router, you can now configure your settings. You can play around with the parental control setting, guest network, or anything you want.

Also, if you’ve forgotten your router’s password, you’ll need to reset your router. To reset your router, locate the reset button, it’s somewhere at the back of your router. Now, press and hold the reset button for about ten seconds. Then wait for 20 more seconds to pass before you power on your router. Once your router is turned back on, it will have its default settings.

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