Arris Router Login Guide

Arris Router Guide

Security is a big feature in most Arris routers, oh, did I mention design, performance, and generally easy on the pocket? But don’t let all of that deceive you, Arris routers just like most routers have their faults. And that’s what we are here to highlight and fix.

Arris Login Steps

Connect your computer or whatever device you want to login to your admin panel to your router. You can use either an ethernet cable or choose the wireless option.

Using an Ethernet cable

Using an ethernet cable, connect your router and the device you want to access your router’s admin panel with.

Wireless connection

There’s a network icon on the bottom right of your computer screen, click on it and connect to your router wirelessly. And of course, you will need to enter your Arris SSID username and password. If your phone or tablet is your preferred device of choice, then go into your settings, click on “WiFi, and there you will see the Arris router internet connection in the list of available connections. Now, connect to it, you will need your login credentials to do so.

Login to Your Arris Router via Browser

Navigate to IP address i92.168.0.1 or and press enter. You will be taken to your Arris router’s login panel. There you will need to enter your username and password to gain access to your control center. If you don’t know your password, then you will have to reset your router.

Resetting Your Router and Changing the User Login Credentials 

To reset your router and restore it to its factory settings; follow the steps below. That said, once you have login successfully to your system, I highly recommend changing your login credentials. Otherwise, ignore me at your own risk. Security is always a major talking point, and you don’t want to take it for granted. The privacy of your entire network is at stake. Hackers don’t need any second invitation to hack. And if they succeed in hacking your network; only God and they know what they will with whatever information they get hold of.

That said, here’s how you regain access to your control panel:

  • Find your router’s reset button (it’s usually at the back of your Asus router)
  • Press and hold the reset button for ten seconds (you should see the lights starting to flicker)
  • Login to your Asus router, but wait until 120 seconds have passed.


You have reached the end of perhaps the easiest, no-fluff, on-point guide you have ever read. Pat yourself on the back, you have accomplished what many folks have failed to do, and that’s taking full advantage of the endless potential of the Arris router. And all it took was for you to access your router’s administrative panel to make a few changes to settings. Okay, that’s enough from me, but as always, if you have any questions, feel free to drop me a message.

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