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Im the man fuck what you are how i felt when i saw those words song lyrics?



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\User_OnMnaby Uzher Kion Mute City [Verse 1: OnMna]
I tried to be linear
Failed and went up in her
So you are about to experience
Some raw thoughts and feelings
Don't start at the beggining
Not found, and still missing
But I can still explain
No one wondered why my brain went insane
Ain't nobody gonna cough up those chains
Ain't nobody gonna inject those veins
Keep on blaming what you saw what you thought
Keep on blaming all those hoes you sure loved
No more, please don't move on
I can't bear the idea of
Me not living in your thoughts
So I made this sorry-ass song

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A City Once Warm

Denes McIntosh 


The street sign said  “caution”, but no one seemed to care

the woman in the crosswalk just stared.

The driver of the pickup didn’t stop, he just glared

and ran her down like a drunk on a dare.


The crowd was quietly shaken by the turn of events

but it fast became little more than another accident.

They’d seen it all before, now they were seeing it again

She was somebody’s mother,

she was somebody’s friend.


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Vanessa 30 March 2021 Reply. I learnt that song 25 years ago, but it may be much older, from my english teacher and I've never been able to find it again. Here are the lyrics I remember, about someone who has lost her/his cat - not sure of the spelling of the cat's name : "Sapho, did you know that I never thought I'd Live (or be) without you.


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