@afowuge asked 2 months ago.

If u leave your job and get paid 10,000 how much tax nsw?



@ewloma22 answered 1 month ago.

As an employee, you're considered an Australian resident for tax purposes and you must declare all income earned or received from all sources both within and outside Australia. This includes salary, wages, business and rental income, superannuation payments, investment income, scholarships or fellowships, and any foreign income.


So if you receive a salary of $100,000 and your marginal tax rate is 49%, you’re going to want to deduct $49,000 from your income before you figure out your taxable income. This is because your marginal tax rate is applied to your taxable income, not your gross income.You will not pay any tax in Australia on money you bring into the country. As you earn over the $18,200 tax free threshold, you will pay 45c in tax on every dollar you earn over that amount.


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