how to fix a folding door?

How to fix a folding door that won’t close?
There are many reasons why a folding door might not close properly. If the hinges are loose, then it can be easily fixed by tightening them up. The easiest way to fix a folding door is to adjust the hinges. Hinges are adjusted by removing them from the doorframe and loosening or tightening the screw holding it in place.
Make sure the door is fully closed.
The first thing you should do when you notice that a door is sticking is to lubricate the hinges. You can use WD-40, or even some cooking oil. I’m a big fan of folding doors because they let you get the most out of your space by being able to fold them away when you don’t need them and move them out of the way.
A folding door is a great way to add some character and flair to your home, but they can get a little creaky over time. You can fix this by simply lubricating the hinges. The first step to fixing a folding door is to figure out what’s broken. If the door doesn’t close, then the problem is likely with the door closer. The hinges are not aligned properly. Adjust the hinges so that they’re flush with the door and in line with each other. If you can’t get them to align, it may be time for a new door.
Fixing a folding door is easy as long as you have the right parts. You can find replacement parts for your folding door at any hardware store. All you need to do is identify the parts you need and how to put them back together properly.
To fix a folding door, first, you need to figure out why it's not working properly. If the door is stuck, it could be that the hinges are loose or that there is something blocking the door from moving smoothly.