how to fix 2 red rings on a xbox 360?

First, make sure your system is off and unplugged. Then, remove the hard drive from the system. Clean the hard drive and the ring around it with a cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol. Don't use too much alcohol, as you don't want it to drip down into the board.
When you see 2 flashing red lights, press and hold the sync button on the console, and then press the eject button. This will make your red light flash quickly. Note the number of quadrants to perform this operation.
When the 2 red rings of death appear on your Xbox 360, it means that your console has been overheated and shut off to prevent damage. The good news is that your Xbox 360 is still salvageable and you can fix it.
In order to fix the 2 red rings on your Xbox 360, you’ll need to replace the heat sink that is located on the CPU board. The first thing you’ll want to do is turn off your Xbox 360 and remove the power cord from the back of your Xbox.
A red ring of death (or red light of death) appears on the console's display when a critical failure occurs, causing the system to shut down immediately. The three flashing red lights are caused by a hardware failure which results in one or more of the console's three processors overheating, resulting in a hardware failure.
You can fix the red rings of death on your Xbox 360 by changing the fan. This will allow you to play your Xbox 360 for a few more years.
This is usually caused by the laser being damaged by a dirty disc, it can also be caused by the laser being out of alignment, this can also be caused by the laser being damaged by a dirty disc. The solution is to clean your discs, check your laser alignment and replace the laser if necessary.
The two red rings is actually a hardware error code from Microsoft that indicates that there is something wrong with the 360's hardware. If you've got the two red rings, your Xbox 360 isn't going to be able to boot up.The red ring of death is a failure of the console’s three main hardware components, the Xbox 360’s three main hardware components, the three main hardware components are the GPU (graphics processing unit),CPU (central processing unit),and the northbridge.
If you have two red lights flashing on your Xbox 360 console, it means that there’s a hardware problem. Don’t panic! There are a few possible fixes.
Clean the disc with a microfiber cloth. Use a lint-free cloth that is free of any kind of liquid or chemicals. Wipe the disc from the center outward, with gentle pressure, starting at the center of the disc.
The red rings of death appear when the Xbox 360 overheats and shuts down. The first solution is to make sure the vents on the top and the sides are clear of any obstruction and that there’s plenty of airflow.
The first step to fixing your Xbox 360 if it’s having trouble reading discs is to try a disc in another Xbox 360. If you can’t borrow one, it’s important to make sure your Xbox 360 is reading the discs you’re trying to play.
First, you'll want to clean the disc with a clean cloth to remove any dust or fingerprints on the disc. Next, make sure the Xbox 360 is off. Press and hold the circular Guide button on the center of the Xbox 360 controller. While holding down the Guide button, press the Eject button on the front of the Xbox 360 console.
If you have a red ring of death, the first thing you will need to do is take out the hard drive and then take out the other components that are in the way. There are two screws under the DVD player, two in the memory card slot, and one behind the power button.
The Red Rings of Death (RROD) is the name given to the failure of the Xbox 360's motherboard and the subsequent red lights that surround the power button. It was caused by the console's inability to dissipate heat properly.
The Xbox 360 can get a couple of different types of rings of death. The first type is the "red ring of death" where the console turns on and off and on and off and on and off until it just won't turn on anymore.
One easy way to fix the Red Ring of Death on your Xbox 360 is to simply turn the console off and remove the power cord. Now, you can turn the console on by plugging it in and then unplugging it again. This is the easiest way to reset your Xbox 360 and fix the red ring.
Red rings indicate that the Xbox 360 console has overheated and is shutting itself down to prevent damage. There are a number of ways you can fix this problem. First make sure the console is not in a confined area where it's being blocked by anything, such as a TV stand.
The Xbox 360 is an awesome piece of hardware. It has a great community of players, and I’ve met many of my friends through gaming. But it does have one huge drawback: it’s red ring of death.
You could try replacing the power supply, but if you're not confident in your ability to do that then I would suggest calling Microsoft instead. They'll be able to help you process your Xbox back to the factory state, or they'll be able to send you a box to ship it back to them for repair.
You can fix two red rings on your Xbox 360 by resetting it. The easiest way to do this is to turn off the console and unplug it. Wait one minute and plug it back in. When the lights come on, there should be a green light around the power button.
If your Xbox 360 has two red rings, it's probably not repairable. The two red rings suggest that your Xbox 360 overheated and the thermal paste inside the console has melted. This is a common problem with all Xbox 360s and is not a sign of a software or hardware problem.
I've had two 360s. One worked flawlessly for years. I've never had any kind of problems with it. The other one, I have had problems with since the day I bought it. It would freeze up randomly. The other day I was playing a game and it just froze up.
If you have two red rings on your Xbox 360, it's likely that your Xbox 360 is overheating. I've come up with a few solutions to resolve this issue.
Clean the ring of light with a can of compressed air. If you don't have compressed air, you can try using a vacuum cleaner. If that doesn't work, try hitting the ring of light with the eraser on the end of a pencil.
The only way to fix the red rings of death is to completely rebuild the console. That means disassembling the entire unit and replacing each individual component one by one. The only alternative is to replace your console with a new one.
The red rings of death is the name given to the three flashing red lights that appear on the Xbox 360 console when there is a hardware problem with the console, specifically the three microchips on the motherboard. The red ring of death is most commonly caused by overheating.
The two red lights on your Xbox 360 console indicate a hardware problem. This problem is usually related to your Xbox 360's DVD drive, but it could also be caused by a bad power supply or a problem with the console's motherboard.
I have had my Xbox 360 for almost 3 years now and never encountered this problem. I was playing a game last night and all of a sudden my lights went out on my dashboard and 2 red lights came on. I was confused and didn't know what to do. I tried several things.
The Xbox 360 may be your favorite gaming console, but your fun can be interrupted by a red ring of death (RROD) error. The RROD is an indicator that your console has experienced a hardware failure and will not be able to play any games. The RROD can appear on three or four sides of your Xbox 360 game console.
The first thing you should do is call Xbox Support. They’ll help you troubleshoot and see what the problem is. You can also visit Xbox Support online for more troubleshooting tips. If you need to ship the console to them, they have a page that will help you with that.
The most common issues with the Xbox 360 are the rings of light around the power button. These rings of light are connected to the power button on the console and they all work together. The correct term for these rings of light is actually the Power Ring of Light.
The reason that these two red lights are showing is because the hard drive of your Xbox 360 is faulty and needs replacing. The first thing that you need to do is to go to and search for Xbox 360 Red Lights Fix. Once you’ve found the article, read it and follow the instructions that are given to you.
The way to fix the Xbox 360 2 red ring of death is to take apart the console and to clean the laser. The Xbox 360 has two red rings one ring is to tell you that the console is overheating and the other ring is to tell you that the Xbox 360 has a problem with the laser.
A lot of things can cause the red ring of death on your Xbox 360. The red ring of death is the name given to the three flashing red lights on your Xbox 360.
A lot of people turn to forums when they need help with technical issues on their Xbox 360, but you can actually get a faster response by tweeting at Xbox Support. They have a team of people on Twitter who work from 9 AM to 9 PM, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
When you start your Xbox 360 gaming console, two red lights should light up on the front of the console. If three lights are flashing, it means there’s a problem with the console. This means your Xbox 360 needs to be repaired.