how much doe4s it cost to fix phone 6 screenand home butoon?

The average cost for a cracked iPhone 6 or 6S screen replacement is $149. This cost gets significantly higher if the Apple logo on the back is also cracked. The cost for an iPhone 6 or 6S home button replacement is $129.
A: A standard iPhone screen repair generally costs between $100 and $150, and the cost of a home button replacement is around $50 to $75.
The price of the repair may change depending on your phone's screen size. If your phone's screen size is in between two sizes, then the price of the repair may change depending on the technician's estimation. If you've ever been at home, and your phone has cracked, you might be wondering if there is any way to fix it yourself. You can fix your own phone and save a lot of money in the process.The price of a cell phone screen repair comes down to the quality of the repair. There are a few options to choose from, but the lower the quality of the screen repair, the lower the cost. For example, if you choose a DIY screen repair, the cost will be much lower than having it done by an expert.
The cost to fix a broken iPhone 6 screen varies depending on where you go to get it fixed, but it usually costs between $100-200 to repair. The cost of a broken home button is about $150.
As for the price, the screen replacement cost is between $45 and $65, and the home button replacement cost is between $35 and $40. Since they are in the same price range, you can choose the cheaper one.