Whirlpool Washer Error Code F11

Whirlpool Washer Error Code F11

Whirlpool washer error code f11

It is sporadic to find the whirlpool washer with communication failure. The reason behind this is that this appliance is all about water, moisture, and spin at high speed. At high humidity, contacts tend to oxidize over time. Due to this, the bond between compounds will deteriorate.

Spinning at high speed is capable of making this machine vibrate hence affecting the connection between the wires. Besides, the vibration may be increased during washing whenever the user fails to load the laundry correctly. Vibration and oxidation can significantly affect the bonding between the elements in a whirlpool, making error F11 to be displayed on the screen.

An engine

Check whether all the joints in an engine are connected. It is also important to examine the integrity and designation of the contacts as there could be:

  1. Brush wires;
  2. Wires from excitation winding;
  3. Wiring from tachometer

An individual with the basics of electrical engineering can handle different checking points of an engine. For instance, he/she can use a multimeter to check different problematic areas in a washing machine. It would also be possible to read and understand the basic and principal rules of electricity.

Using an ohmmeter, find the attached contacts couples

The engine has an excitation winding and the anchor. It makes no sense to measure the winding resistance without explicit knowledge of nominal value. First of all, one has to make a scheme if there is a need to test the performance of a machine.

Here one needs to connect the excitation winding with the anchor consequentially. This acts as an indication of determining the terminals that contact each other, whereby some may be winding. In this case, one should disconnect them one by one from the pairs and apply th3 220V between the remaining two

Here is a typical scheme of switching on the washer engine. All items are signed.

The Control board is the last option that should be checked if the engine is in order.

Control board

A report about control electronic failure can indicate whenever an error occurs just once. This calls the user to turn the equipment off from the network for at least 15 minutes, and then turn it on again. If the error fails to disappear, one should disable the whirlpool and inspect the control board. Any visual defects such as burnt out elements, or a black trace, clearly sign that the control board of an engine is the reason behind the F11 error message code. One means of solving this problem is by returning faulty connections to their previous position. Specialists also recommend that cleaning of the equipment can also be useful in eliminating the error.