Whirlpool Washer Error Code E01 F01

Whirlpool Washer Error Code E01 F01

When error F01 is displayed, the device may not start. It signifies problems in the printed circuit.

What is error code E01 F01 with associated?

Error F01 is associated with the central control module and implies that:

  • The transistor EEPROM is damaged – non-volatile electrically erasable memory with re-recording up to 1 million times;
  • The normal signal conductivity between the EEPROM and the CCU (Central Control Unit), the mainboard, has disappeared;
  • the entire central control unit has burnt out.

Priority actions

Before starting the repairs, disconnect the cord and check the status of the outlet – dedicated circuit, grounding, polarity, and voltage. If everything is okay, turn on the equipment and let it stand for up to 5 minutes. This way, the washer will restart and probably reset the error. If the error still appears, follow the other guidelines.

Qualified intervention

Though the error is mainly associated with the control model, the transistor responsible for storing re-recordable memory could be the issue. It means that if there is no information about the selected mode on it, then there will be no reaction to the commands.

EEPROM is damaged

An electrically erasable and automatically reprogrammable ROM is a black miniature relay. It is located on the mainboard and sends the received signal to enter the equipment into the required mode. In case of breakdown, the circuit breaks wherefore the washing machine stops working. To resolve the issue, solder the contacts, or replace the memory module if soldering fails.

Broken CCU contacts

Wires, connectors, and a cable may be the source of the error. For this, test the input/output power of the central board, and examine the main elements. To do this:

  1. Unplug the equipment from the mains.
  2. Pull out the top panel to access the electronics.
  3. Ensure that all connections to the interference filter (IF) are tightly connected.
  4. Check the integrity and tightness of the connectors and plugs.

If the error still appears, test the mains voltage, examine the power cord and solder it if necessary, set the voltmeter to alternating current, and ensure there is power on the input line of the central control unit. If any of the parts (mainly the power cord, cables) is damaged, replace them.

Burnt-out control board

The control board may be burnt out due to an unexpected power surge. In this case, the only solution is a replacement.