Whirlpool Cabrio Washer Error Code F51

Whirlpool Cabrio Washer Error Code F51

Whirlpool Cabrio washer often displays error code F51 and does not complete the cycle mainly due to the wrong rotation of the drum.

Why does error F51 appear?

The error is associated with the unsatisfactory operation of the engine rotor sensor which is responsible for the rotation of the drum. The RPS, Rotor Position Sensor transmits incorrect data to the control board and due to this the error code F51 is displayed.

The error can be reset by rebooting. However, it reappears again affecting the device functionality. If it reappears, try other plans.

Eliminate technical glitch

Disconnect the cord or turn off the power and leave the device for 10-15minutes. This allows all capacitors of the control board to discharge, and the washer will resume normal working.

Take out odd things

The error may be due to the equipment being overloaded and therefore the cycle cannot be completed. The engine rotor cannot normally spin the drum and as a result, the sensor sends the corresponding signal to the central module. Unload some of the contents and re-enable the program.

Find and remove a foreign object

Check for foreign material between the tank and the bottom of the drum. Remove them and ensure that the rotor rotates freely.

Tighten the bolt

The error can be eliminated by just fastening loose bolts in the rotor.

Rust deposit

For the drum to operate effectively, it must be free from rust and corrosion. However, due to the excessive amounts of detergent and other conditions, it gets corroded. To identify the problem, you need to:

  • spin the drum manually and see the dignity of rotation;
  • pull it up and down to determine if the technical clearance is sufficient.

If the drum is stuck, rotate with effort and make a rattle, pull it out, examine the shaft and check for corrosion. Remove rust and dirt from it. If the process is irreversible, install a new one. Also, examine bearings, a gasket, and, if necessary, replace them

Wiring failure

Error f51 may appear due to problems with the cable. Make sure the plugs are connected rightly, the motor rotor position sensor is at the place, and the contacts well fitted.

Defective RPS sensor

If error may also be due to breakdown of the rotor position sensor. In this case, it has to be replaced.

Control module damage

If the error still appears, conduct a self-diagnosis and check whether the error disappears. If not, replace the microcircuit.