Vibration Of A Samsung Washer During Spinning

Vibration Of A Samsung Washer During Spinning

Samsung washing machines are highly versatile and can alert you in case they have any defects through the display of error codes. You may, however, identify some errors by observing the operating effectiveness of the machine. The vibration of the washer during spins is one of the indicators of a faulty device. This article discusses various causes of vibration in a Samsung washing machine and the possible solutions to eliminate the problem.

The various causes of vibrations

The primary causes of the vibrations during spinning include:

Wrong loading of the drum

This could include placing too little clothes on the drum, uneven distribution of laundry, or even loading the drum with a mixture of heavy and light clothes. Such poor loading practices may trigger an imbalance of the tank. Such imbalance may trigger extra vibration of the machine during spins as the balancing system tries to balance the tank.

Poor leveling

The machine should be installed on level ground. Installing it on an uneven surface may cause suspension of some legs in the air, thus making the device unstable. The device will, therefore, vibrate abnormally during the washing cycles.

Faulty bearings

The bearings of the drum could become defective due to regular usage or even break due to oxidation caused by the leakage of water. Broken bearings will cause more vibration of the entire machine during the spins.

Defective balancing system

The balancing system could have some broken components, such as damper shock or shock absorbers. Such defective parts could cause more vibrations as the motor, and the balance mechanism tries to balance the drum.

Fixing the problem

If the error results from the loading error,

  • Unplug the machine from the power
  • Drain the remaining water from the machine using the emergency drain
  • Open the door of the device and distribute the clothes evenly
  • You may also have to reduce the number of clothes to achieve the recommended weight of the load
  • Close the machine and restart it

Level the legs

Rotate the locknut holding the legs in position to level them. You may need a spirit level to level the machine from front to back and from side to side.

Fix the balancing system

  • Uncover the top panel and disconnect all the connections inhibiting you from accessing the balancing system.
  • Inspect any broken components in the balancing system and replace them
  • Assemble the machine and restart it to see if the vibration reduces

Fix the bearings

Inspect the bearings of the drum and replace them if they are broken

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