How To Change The Shock Absorbers On The Bosch Washer

How To Change The Shock Absorbers On The BOSCH Washer

The appalling knocking and rattling during the washing cycles is a clear sign of a malfunctioning washing machine. This issue is an indication that it is time to change the shock absorbers in your device. It is advisable to call out a specialist to help you in doing the repairs. However, if you have no money and would wish to do the work on yourself, consider having a guide first. It will of great help in assisting you in the repair work and to avoid problems that may arise in the course of fixing the issue.


Repairing a shock absorber is a complex task that requires adequate time and thorough preparations. First, before starting the repair work, you should gather some spare parts and a basic set of tools. You should look for new and original shock absorbers from the Bosch Company.

Disassembling the parts

Detach the appliance from the mains and turn off the water. Remove the water inlet hose from the water supply. Pull out the drain hose from the siphon. Gust the tube and fix them on the back of the washing machine to prevent them from interfering with your work. Then, move the washing device to a convenient place and start the DIY dismantling process.

  • Sequential process
  • Pull out the top cover
  • Remove the detergent drawer from its position
  • Locate the screw on the side of the control panel and pull it out. Again, unscrew the screws found behind the detergent drawer.
  • Gently place the panel aside and try not to damage the wiring.
  • Place the device on the back panel and pull out the screws found on the bottom panel near the front legs.
  • Open the door and pry off the clamp tightening the gasket. Loosen it and remove the gasket and clamps.
  • Pull out the front cover of the apparatus.

After this, you will access the shock absorbers.

Ways of replacing the part

Swing each of the shock absorbers and ensure that at least one of them is damaged. Pull out the bottom screws linking the shock absorbers to the housing of the device. From above, the shock absorbers are tightened directly to the tub with special plastic fasteners. It is hard to disassemble them easily. So you will need a 13mm drill to remove the mounts. Detach the old shock absorbers and install the new ones fastening them with bolts to the washer.