Service Test And Error Codes For Bosh Washer Series 5 6 7

Service Test And Error Codes For BOSCH Washer Series 5-6-7

More often than not, the fault sign displayed in a washing machine relates to the breakdown of one of the elements. This is a problem that you can try fixing yourself before calling out for a specialist. You can solve it by replacing the faulty component of the apparatus. The process is simple, and this article will take you through.

At times, the error may not be displayed due to a breakdown of some equipment in a Bosch washing appliance. Nevertheless, the faultiness and error code emerge as a particular mode or a service test. This appearance of the error code is enhanced by a combination of the machine control buttons. However, an ordinary owner will not get the failure code.

Once an error is displayed, the first question to be raised relates to electricity. You should inspect if the issue is electrical in origin. This fault might be with a programmer or other elements, including a heating component or a drain pump. Besides, the breakdown may have hydraulic defects such as water leaks.

Service test

To examine the complete set of the apparatus functions, you can start the electronic washing appliance in a self-test or service test mode. Though the method is inaccessible to the user, it can be started by pressing a combination of keys subject to the appliance model.

The control panel of the Bosch Maxx 5 Series appliance is equipped with elements such as the rotary knobs. The use of this equipment can help you select the washing program. It may be a primary, rigorous, delicate, and hand wash tool.

Besides, there are other buttons for choosing additional functions such as quick wash, more water, and easy to iron commands. Panels of Bosch washing machines such as the Maxx 5-6-7 series can have both a display and LEDs.

Service test launch

Follow the following procedure:

  • Close the door
  • Set the program selector knob to zero position or off then wait for two seconds.
  • Later, turn the program selector knob clockwise to eight times. Then, wait until the start/pause indicator starts flashing and will last for about two seconds.
  • Press the spin-off key
  • Turn the program selector knob to 9 positions
  • Take out the finger from the spin speed button
  • Test program selection
  • Run the test program by pressing the start or off-key
  • Exit the test program
  • Diagnostic mode exit