Samsung Washer Error Codes

Samsung Washer Error Codes

Both the old and the newer fashions of Samsung washing machines display error codes often. These codes do not entirely signify serious problems, but rather, they signify small issues that you can correct on your own. This guide will highlight the principal error codes and what they mean.

  • Error codes 3E1, 3E2

They show a motor load problem or a motor system fault. To solve it, reduce the amount of laundry in the washing machine. Also, connect the halt sensor well. You can try to correct the loose parts, although the ideal solution would be to replace the entire motor system.

  • Error code 4E1, 4E2

They signify a problem with the water supply temperature. To solve them, inspect the water supply system to identify any clog or blockage that would prevent the flow of water. Also, confirm if any cracks are interfering with the water supply. Check the water hose too and ensure it’s in a good position.

  • Error 5E

It shows that the draining system is at fault. To solve the problem, inspect the entire draining system to remove the clogs. If the filters are old or damaged beyond repair, replace them.

  • Error 6E

It shows that the water heater is not operating well. To get rid of the error, examine the entire heating systems, and replace it if the problem persists.

  • Errors 8E, 8E1

It signifies a sensor or over current error. You can quickly solve the issue by switching the washing machine for half an hour and then switching it on again. You can also inspect the sensors to know if they are okay.

  • Errors 9E1, 9E2 and PH1

They all signify power connection problems. To solve, inspect the entire power connections, wiring systems, and the supply voltage. Also, check if there is any defective noise fuse.

  • Errors UE, E4

These are unbalanced errors. They show that the laundry is uneven. Distribute your clothes more evenly to remove the error.

  • Errors CE, E8

These are cooling errors. They show that the water temperature has dropped below average. Connect the power supply to solve the problem.

  • Errors 0E, E3

Overflow errors. There could be too much foam or water in the machine—switch of the appliance off and on. Also, remove any clogs or debris on the filters.

  • Errors LE, LE1, E9, 11E

These are water leakage errors. To remove them, inspect the drainage system of the washing machine. Ensure that the water level is okay and that there are no clogs are the filters.

  • Errors HE1, E5

They signify water heater faults. In most cases, the water temperature could be lower than 50°C. Confirm the current water heater reading. It should be ~27Ω.

You might come across other errors too, but the above are the common ones. Understand them so that you can solve the issues on your own, as early as possible.