Samsung Washer Error Code

Samsung Washer Error Code

UB error: description

All Samsung washing machines do not generate the UR error code. Contemporary devices only generate it while the old models, especially those produced before 2007, produce E4 error. Away from that, this error mainly occurs when rinsing and laundering, but most often, the machine starts the program of spinning. The problem experienced here can damage the drum, suspending springs, or other related assemblies. To avoid this, detect the problem and come up with the possible mitigation measures.

UR error causes

The other cause of this error is the failure of internal parts and violating the rules of operating the washing machine. So, it is important to run the short program without the cleanser and laundry. If the Samsung washer error code UR continues to display under such speed, then it is clear that some components are out-of-order.

Uneven floor

The inclination of the floor can also cause the UR error. Basically, improper angle causes uneven load distribution, especially during the spinning cycle. Align the machine horizontally to counteract the error, which is likely to occur here. To achieve this, one should adjust the legs with a level instrument.

An out-of-order control unit

This problem could have been caused by a single failure of a digital controller, which had detected disbalance where none existed. This is why the user is advised to try to restart the machine after powering it off for 10 to 15 minutes.

If the drum rotates in one direction and the UR code error still appears, the control circuit board is damaged and sends improper commands. Here, an individual should solder the brown components or replace the circuit board.

Worn bearing

Some of the components found here are unit of bearing that forms the connection between the pulley, motor, and shaft transferring the torque. Its performance ensures there is a smooth rotation of the drum. In case it is damaged due to wear or ingress of water, the machine would make noise as it tries to accelerate. If so, the UR code would appear on the screen, and the oil stains would appear on the floor.

Damaged drive belt

Drive torque is transferred with a belt within a washing washer. The machine would not be able to pick up the required spinning mode if the belt is stretched, separated into layers, or stretched. This problem can be solved by tightening or replacing such a belt.

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