Samsung Washer Error Code Ue

Samsung Washer Error Code UE

A Samsung washing machine will display the error code UE if it detects an imbalance in the drum. The error may appear at the beginning, during, or at the end of the washing cycle. The occurrence of the error code is beneficial as it prevents motor burnout due to overload by the balancing mechanism. The error code is similar to error code E4 on some Samsung models.

Causes of the error code

  • Unbalanced distribution of linen

Loading clothes one side of the drum may result in imbalance. Imbalance can also be triggered by loading the washer with a mixture of heavy and light clothes or filling it with few clothes.

  • Faulty balancing system       

The system responsible for balancing the drum may have some broken parts such as the suspension springs, damper shocks, and shock absorbers, and so on. If one of the components is faulty, then the drum cannot stay even.

  • Poor installation

The wrong installation of the washer may result in unlevelled legs. Suspension of one leg in the air could be the primary culprit for the imbalance when the drum is loaded.

  • Failure of the control module

The control module controls the operation of the balancing system. The error could either be temporary due to sudden changes in current flow or permanent due to faulty elements.

How do you fix the problem?

  • Reset the machine

De-energizing the machine and connecting it back will help to clear the error code if it emanated from a temporary error in the control module. If this doesn’t help,

  • Balance the linen in the drum

Drain all water from the drum and open the door of the washer to balance the laundry. Separate any tangled clothes and lay them apart. Close the door and test if the error clears.

  • Level the legs

If the above attempts do not clear the error, Rotate the locknut holding the legs of the washer anticlockwise to lower the suspended legs or clockwise to raise the longer legs. Use a spirit level to ensure accuracy in your leveling work.

Fix the balancing system

If the error persists, there could be a broken component in the balance system.

  • Use the manufacturer’s instructions to dismantle the machine and access the balancing system.
  • Inspect and replace any broken suspension springs, damper shocks, or any other component in the system.
  • Assemble the machine using the reverse process and restart it.

If the error remains, call a professional to repair the control module or do it yourself.