Samsung Washer Error Code Ub

Samsung Washer Error Code UB

The error UB: description

The error indicated here not only reports about the potential but also launches the automatic protection to block the drum’s uncontrollable rotation. It becomes uncontrollable when it breaks or pulls out the hoses or sink electrics.

The same error can occur without an apparent reason. This means that there is an occurrence of a single failure in the control module, which calls a machine to be restarted. While doing so, one should power the appliance off for 10 to 15 minutes and move in the next topic if nothing changed.

Probable causes

Unequal loading

The main steps which should be followed whenever a drum is losing balance on a washing machine are as follows;

  1. Unplug the machine
  2. Drain the water
  3. Check the drum

Some of the proposed causes of UB error code include

  • Twisting of the laundry
  • Non-compliance with the washing rules
  • Imbalance load
  • Worn drive belt

The drive belt transmits torque from the motor. It loses flexibility over time, which makes it hard for the belt to rotate the drum. Here, the user should turn off the washer and remove the worktop and the back panel. Check the condition of the belt and recycle it if it is heavily deformed.

Problems with the bearing and the centerpiece

Malfunction bearing can lead to vibration and backlash of the washing machine. This calls for the replacement of broken parts. Here, an individual would be required to disconnect the drum from the motor shaft. To achieve this, disconnect the drum from the shaft of a motor. However, it is difficult to reach faulty in some models, which calls for professional intervention.

The engine is faulty

Old carbon brushes mainly cause this problem. If these parts are worn out, the machine will fail to perform the spinning process, and the motor’s cracking noise would be heard. In this case, an individual is asked to purchase a new brush and install it.

Malfunction of the tachometer

The UB error code can also be caused by the parts that control the rotational drum number. If it is broken, the regulation speed would be stopped, which eventually would lead to the disbalance and stopping of the washer. The problem can be solved by replacing the broken part.

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