Samsung Washer Error Code U6

Samsung Washer Error Code U6

The error code u6 can also appear as Ub in some Samsung models.  Before the appearance of the error code, the machine may produce loud noise due to the high motor load as the balance mechanism tries to adjust the balance. The control module detects the overload in the motor and stops the washing operation. Additionally, It identifies the cause of the overload and signals you through the error code U6. The error code, therefore, indicates an imbalance in the drum.

The older machines without display indicate the error code through constant lighting of the temperature indicator and flashing of the wash indicators, as shown below:

Causes of the error code

  •  Wrong loading of the machine

Improper loading of the machine could involve loading the drum with little linen, with a mixture of heavy and light linen, or even placing them on one side of the drum. Poor loading may cause the accumulation of weight on either of the sides leading to imbalance.

  • Defective balancing system

The drum is held in position by the action of the components of the counterbalance. The components may include the damper springs, suspension springs, and shock absorbers, among others. Breakage of one of these components is likely to cause imbalance.

  • Broken bearings

Broken bearings can cause excessive vibration of the washer during the spins. Such vibrations may cause further damage to the machine, including some parts of the balancing system.

  • Poor levelling of the legs

The correct levelling of the legs may be altered by a previous washing operation leading to imbalance.

Fixing the error code

  • Switch off the machine and unplug it from power
  • Drain all the water to access the clothes and arrange the clothes.
  • You may have to remove some linen to avoid the overweight or add some to prevent the clothes from flipping to one side.
  • Restart the machine to see id the error clears.

Level the legs

If balancing the linen does not clear the error, there could be an issue with the stands. If you notice any leg of the washer suspended in the air, use the lock nut fasteners to adjust the legs. Further, use the bubble level to ensure the machine is levelled from front to back and from side to side.