Samsung Washer Error Code Te

Samsung Washer Error Code TE

This error typically occurs after locking the door or water gaining when the drums are scrolled by the washing machine for 5 to 10 minutes. The main reason behind this is the problems associated with water heating.

The meaning of the TE error code in Samsung washing machines

The TE error code mainly indicates a problem of water temperature sensors, which determines the level of heating of the device. Here, the Samsung washing machine would not be expected to receive the correct information from the sensor. Typically, the washing machine can issue codes of different version such as TE – TE1, TE2, TE3, which means:

  • tE1 indicates the problems in the operation of the temperature sensor drying;
  • tE2 reports the problem in the operation of the fan casing sensor;
  • TE3 indicates a malfunction of the condensate flow sensor that appears during the drying process.

The washing machine issues the TE error when:

  • temporary malfunction of the control module;
  • poor connection of contacts of the temperature sensor or the heating element;
  • Failure of the temperature sensor.

How to eliminate the TE error code

  • Turn off the machine from the network if the control module fails. Wait for a few minutes then restart the process of washing
  • In case of wrong contacts in the heating element or temperature sensor, move them as if you are inserting a plug into the socket.
  • In case of incorrect sensor reading, reset the data by pressing the corresponding correction button.

It is essential to call the specialist if you are faced by the following;

  1. The washer does not heat the water and issues the error a few minutes after starting a program. the case in this is faulty TEN which calls for replacement
  2. The TE1, TE2, TE3 error code is displayed on the washer. This calls for immediate replacement of the sensor of the heater, the fan casing, as well as consenting the temperature.
  3. Indication of a fault after starting the washing or before heating the water. This problem is mostly brought about by a faulty temperature sensor which is responsible for heating. In this case, specialists recommend for replacement of the heater.
  4. The washing machine closes the door and does not perform the drying. This is brought about by a faulty control module that needs a complete replacement for the implement to function properly.