Samsung Washer Error Code Sud

Samsung Washer Error Code SUD

Your Samsung washing machine may start normally and then stop abruptly after 10 minutes or in the middle of the washing cycle. The halting of the washing operations may be accompanied by the display of the error code SUD. The appearance of such an error code implies that an excess foam formation in the washer prevented the execution of the washing operation. The error code may also be denoted by 5D or SD, depending on the model.

What causes the error code?

The following are the primary culprits for the error code.

  • Use of excess/ wrong detergent

Most washing machines are known to work well with high-efficiency detergents. If you use a wrong quality or excess quantity, it is likely to cause excess foam formation hence the error code.

  • Faulty pressure pump

The pressure pump detects the level of water in the washing drum. When defective, it may relay wrong information to the control module, which may, in turn, fail to initiate the closing of the water inlet valve. The continued water gaining may contribute to oversudsing.

  • Faulty drain pump

The drain pump rotates clockwise to draw wash water from the drum and channel it to the sewer through the drain hose. However, it may fail to execute its role if one of its components is defective. This may include a faulty impeller, broken drive belt or motor. Failure of the drain pump will result in over circulation of wash water by the recirculation pump leading to the formation of excess foam.

  • Clogged/ kinked drain hoses

The drain pipes may become clogged due to the accumulation of minerals and other debris from the wash water. They may also become bent due to mechanical damage. Defective hoses will allow little or no flow of wash water, leading to oversudsing from the action of the recirculation pump.

  • Blocked sewer

A blockage in the sewer pipe will elongate the activity of the recirculation pump discussed above.

Fixing the problem

Switch off the machine and allow the suds to settle for around 10 minutes. Restart the device and subject the linen to a new washing cycle without the detergent to see if the error clears. Always use the right quality and quantity of detergent in the washing machine to avoid future occurrence of the error.

Fixing the sewer, the drain hose, and the pump

  • Locate the drain hose at the back of the machine.
  • Disconnect it from the sewer and empty the wash water to a bucket
  • If the water comes out normally, call a professional to fix the sewer.
  • If the water doesn’t come out, remove the back panel and disconnect the drain hose to unblock it.
  • Remove also the drain pump and replace it if it has some defects.

Fixing the pressure switch

  • Remove the top panel and locate the water level switch at the corner of the machine
  • Inspect and replace it if defective.

The above attempts will clear the suds error and revert the device to its working condition.