Samsung Washer Error Code Se

Samsung Washer Error Code SE

This error happens if the user fails to provide proper care of the appliance. The SE code error indicates that the failure occurs typically during draining of the water.

Why is the SE code error appear?

The SE error usually appears on the display of a washing machine when the program finishes the process of washing. At this point, the machine would be expected to drain the dirty soapy after washing the laundry. If any problem occurs at this point, the machine would not be able to drain the dirty water hence indicating this code error.

Sources of the SE error

One of the causes is hanging up on the machine during washing. This problem could be emanating from the garbage filter, and it can be corrected by washing it. However, if the SE error continues to appear, it is wise to go ahead in searching for an alternative cause of the problem and rectify it.

The other cause is the blockage of the hose from inside. This problem can be witnessed when the pump tries to press water through the hose, but it barely runs through. Also, failure to produce a specific sound in the drainpipe could be the other problem. If you fail to hear that sound after you have finished washing, be sure the problem is in the hose.

How to fix the problem

If the cause of the SE error code is the dirty filler, the problem can be solved through the following means

The procedural approach of filler cleaning

  1. Find the plastic cover protecting the emergency drain hose in the lower right corner of the device and open it
  2. Take the container that should be used to drain dirty water from the drum(washbowl)
  3. Drain the water into the washbowl after removing the plug from the small rubber hose.
  4. Turn the filter screw half a turn counter-clockwise and remove it while keeping the container. Manually clean the pump hole in the washing machine
  5. Check the holes for foreign objects and pull our everything which might have stacked there.
  6. Insert the screw in its place and put the plug into the emergency drain hose. This should be followed by closing the plastic cover of the machine.

On the other hand, if the cause of the error is the vast clog in the drain hose. First, disconnect the hose from the washer and rinse with water from the jet while bending and unbending. As a result, the dirt would pop out of the horse sooner.