Samsung Washer Error Code Sc

Samsung Washer Error Code SC

Error SC: description

The fault involved here can manifest itself in different ways as indicated below

  1. Interruption of the program by the unit and stand being filled
  2. Water is drained too slowly and not to the end
  3. The drum is empty but the continues to be displayed

External causes such as clogging are the central cause of the problem in the first two cases. One way of getting out of this is by disconnecting the end of the hose, placing it in a large container, which is followed by starting the mode of draining. Besides, it is necessary to clean the siphon or sewer whenever the water is pumped out.

There could also be a problem of an electronic controller which transmits signals incorrectly. One way of counteracting this problem is by turning the machine off for 10 to 15 minutes, which should be followed by repeating the washing cycle.

Causes of error SC

Clogging of the pump filter

First, check the filter and open the door in the lower right corner found on the front wall. This is followed by Unscrewing it by turning contra clockwise. Notably, small objects such as coins and buttons do not cause significant problems as big obstacles cause the error. So, in case, there is an accumulation of the socks, pile, and others, they should be removed as well as washing the filters.

Problems with the drain hose

This can be rectified by making sure it is

  • Not clogged or frozen;
  • Located correctly depending on the type of connection;
  • Smooth without bends or damage;
  • Is not longer than 4 meters.

Generally, improper installation of the drain pipe is the most common cause of water stagnant in the washing machine. Therefore, it is important to connect it according to the instructions given by the manufacturers. Conversantly, check whether there are foreign objects in it. Their presence can be removed under the pressure of liquid, air, or pushed by hand.

Foreign objects in the nozzle

Clogging sometimes occurs in the drain nozzle. In this case, the equipment will not be able to pump water, and an SC (5C) error would be displayed. While doing this, one should make sure the debris would not get into contact between the tank and the pump. Also, the clogged duct must be cleaned.

Clogging in the pump

The pump can make an intermittent noise whenever a small object gets stuck. Some of such objects include nails, coins, rubber bad and air clips. A quiet roar indicates that the subunit is seized up, but it is operating. Here, an individual would be required to remove the filter, turn the drain mode on, and check on the way a wheel rotates. Furthermore, it is always wise to check pump output and the place under the impeller. There could be hidden obstacles in the stated areas that need to be removed.

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