Samsung Washer Error Code Oe

Samsung Washer Error Code OE

Samsung washing machines provide excellent washing experience. However, the device may wear out due to continued usage, resulting in frequent operating issues. One such common issue is the water overflow problem. It is denoted by the display of error code OE. In Samsung machines without display, the error is indicated by a simultaneous flash of the hot and cold temperature indicators and blinking of all washing modes indicators. The appearance of such error renders the machine non-functional, thus calling for immediate servicing of the machine.

Causes of the water overflow error

  • Faulty pressure switch

The pressure switch works in coordination with the control module and the water inlet valve. It senses the need for water in the drum, and then sends a signal to the control module, and then the control module initiates the release of water by the inlet valve. When out of order, the pressure switch will send wrong information to the control module, resulting in continuous water inlet.

  • Damaged water inlet valve

A faulty water inlet valve will not respond to closing instructions from the control module, resulting in continuous water inlet.

  • Use of excess/ wrong detergent

Using excess or wrong detergent may result in Oversudsing. The entry of the foam into the pressure switch tube may affect the functioning of the pressure switch. An interfered performance of the pressure switch may result in relaying of wrong information to the control module.

  • Faulty control module

This is the brain of the whole machine. It initiates the functioning of various components and programs. When faulty, the control module won’t respond to the information from the pressure switch to stop the water inlet valve causing continuous water gaining. This results in water overflow.

 Fixing the issues

Start by resetting the machine. The error would clear if it resulted from a slight power failure in the control module. If the error persists, you can now disassemble the device to access the pressure switch.

  • Fixing the inlet valve

Unscrew the upper counterweight to access the inlet valve. Use a multimeter to test the wire harness and the inlet valve itself. Replace any damaged wires and the inlet valve if it is defective.

  • Fixing the pressure switch

The pressure switch is just below the inlet valve. Follow the instructor’s manual to open the machine to access the pressure switch. Once you access it, disconnect the pressure hose and then test it for any air leakage. (Dip the pressure hose in the water, then block one end and blow the other. The tube should not have any air leakage). Unscrew the pressure switch also and inspect for any defects. Replace if any of them is defective

  • Fixing the control module

If all the above attempts fail, then the control module could be the main culprit. You need to remove it to test the various elements to repair the defects if any. Ensure also that its wire harness has continuity.