Samsung Washer Error Code NF

Samsung Washer Error Code NF

Your Samsung washing machine may start with a healthy buzz, and normal water gaining. Then the water inlet drops abruptly to nothing. Your device stops operating with a display of error code NF. The pop-up of such an error signifies a problem in the water supply system. Some Samsung washers use the error code 4E to display the error.

Causes of the error code

The main culprits include:

  • Clogged water inlet hoses

The minerals and other debris in the tap water may accumulate, causing a scaling which may later block the inlet hoses.

  • Kinked inlet hose

Kinked pipes will only let little or no water to pass through. This limits the water gaining in the drum.

  • Leakage in part of the machine

Poorly attached or cracked hoses may leak thus reducing water supply to the wash-tub

  • Defective inlet valve

A faulty inlet valve will not respond to information from the control module to open and allow water to the drum.

  • Defective pressure pump

The pressure pump senses the level of water in the wash-tub then relays information to the control module. If faulty, the pressure switch may send wrong information to the control module, which in turn detects the error and sends error code NF to the display.

  • Frayed wire harness

The wires connecting the control module to either the pressure switch or the inlet valve may be loose or damaged. The control module may detect the lack of continuity in connection and issues a red alert.

  • Issues in the control module

The control module coordinates the pressure switch and the water inlet valve to control the water inlet. It may, therefore, cause total water failure if defective. A slight error in the flow of current may also cause the control module to send the error code.

Fixing the error

Here are the steps you can take to fix the problem

  • Reset the machine

Unplug the machine from power and restart it after 10 seconds. If the error does not clear, disassemble the machine to access the inner parts.

  • Fixing the inlet valve, the pressure switch and the control module

If resetting the device does not help, disassemble the washer to examine the above parts.

  • Uncover the top, rear, and front panels.
  • Unscrew the metal bar attaching the side panels to remove them ( this gives you access to the upper counterweight).
  • Unscrew to remove the upper counterweight (this allows for access to the inlet hoses and the valve)
  • Inspect the inlet hoses for any kinks and leakages. Inspect also the inlet valve for any poor connections or damage.
  • Replace any damages.

The pressure switch is just below the inlet valve.

  • Unscrew the pressure switch and examine it, including its pressure hose.
  • Replace them if defective.
  • It is also good to inspect the control module to repair any defects since the process of disassembling and assembling back the machine is tiresome and time-consuming.

After servicing the control unit, assemble back the device through the reverse process. The error must clear since you would have repaired the possible causes.