Samsung Washer Error Code Nd

Samsung Washer Error Code ND

Knowing this error code does not guarantee that an individual has the right diagnostic skills and, which means that he/she is not able to decipher the machine without carrying out a thorough inspection of all nodes.

Finding and fixing the nD error code in Samsung washing machine

The possible causes of this error include pump breakage, sewage blockage, clogging of the drain hose, and failure of the electronic control unit.

Pump diagnosis

If the SD washer issues the nD error, then there is a high probability that the leading cause is the failure of a pump to drain. To eliminate the breakdown, just unscrew the fillers and drain the water from the tank while on manual mode. This should be followed by removing the front cover to find the drain pump. Then remove the pump disconnect the wire in it and go ahead to inspect it.

How to check Drain pump filter Samsung from the load washer

Wire and power module

If the error appears on display despite the integrity of the drain pump being shown under self-diagnosis, then the problem is expected to lie in other nodes. The device can be checked by first hooking the voltmeter mode to the power terminals and returning the Samsung washing machine to its initial state. This should be followed by starting the spinning program, which should last for 9 to 10 minutes. At the moment when the spinning pump starts, the voltage should appear on the connectors.

Checking the filter

nD error in the Samsung washing machine can also be caused by the clogging of the filters caused by dirt accumulation. This problem can be solved quickly by draining the water from the device by use of the basin. Afterward, unscrew the filter and clean the accumulated dirt gently with water.

How the problem can be fixed with the discharge of water

The drainage system clogging can be reported by nD error in Samsung washing machines. Check whether the drain hose has been clamped by washer case or any other foreign object. It is also important to inspect the drain pipe first because it could be twisted, hence making it impossible. In conclusion, the users should drain the hose with a thick wire. By doing so, any small objects would be clogged in the wire, such as hair coils, threads, and among others.