Samsung Washer Error Code Le1

Samsung Washer Error Code LE1

Reasons for the LE11 error in Samsung washing machine

There are many spontaneous reasons for the water leakage in this system, some of which have been listed below.

  • Breakage of fastening heating element
  • damage of the water tank by the bolts, especially in the joints.
  • Disconnection of the air tube hence making the water to flow out during spinning
  • Incorrect positioning and connection of the drain hose
  • Wrong connection of the detergent hose
  • Improper closing of the drain filter
  • Damage of the drain hose

How to eliminate the LE1 error code

You will be needed to de-energize the device immediately after it has registered LE1 error. First, press the button on the control panel of the washing machine, which should be followed by pulling it out of the socket. This should be followed by determining the cause of an error which is started by checking the drain hose. Fix it properly to prevent water leakage and follow the right procedure of fixing both of its ends is designed locations. It is important to note that the drainpipe must be adequately sealed and located at the height of at least 60cm from the floor. When it comes to checking the drain filters, an individual is assured of following an effortless procedure. Here you will be required to turn the lid counter-clockwise and then close it again by turning in a clockwise direction. In some cases, there could be an internal failure; for example, the LE1 fauld report heater disconnecting or a crack in the tank. If this happens, you will need help from the professionals. The master would then be expected to select the necessary details then install them properly.

Other related errors related to water leakage

The LE1 error is entirely severing to the point that the water drained from the device is responsible for flooding the neighbors if the machine is located in a multi-story building. Besides, if the water does not drain at all, there would be the appearance of a 5E error on the screen of the washing machine. It is therefore important to note that elimination of LE1 error in the washing, the device requires skills and patience. So before unscrewing the machine, make sure you have evaluated your capabilities. Perhaps, you can go ahead to call the specialist who can exacerbate the error in your washing machine.