Samsung Washer Error Code Le

Samsung Washer Error Code LE

Leakage in part of the Samsung washing machine can result in the development of molds, which can damage the door and other parts of the machine. It may also lead to oxidation of the bearings, making them sticky. Samsung washers are, however, modified to detect any leakage in the device through the display of the error code LE. When the error code appears, you can no longer perform the washing operations unless you clear it.

What causes the error code?

Leakage in the Samsung washer may emanate from various causes including:

  • The defective door of the washer

The door of the machine might fail to latch correctly if it’s damaged. A stuck piece of linen or solid material may also prevent the door from closing successfully.

  • Use of the excess/wrong detergent

The use of wrong or excess detergent may result in oversudsing. The excess suds may accumulate and interfere with the working of the pressure switch. The pressure switch can subsequently send the wrong information to the control module. The control module may cause the inlet valve to continue letting in water, thus leading to leakage.

  • Faulty inlet hoses

The inlet hoses may become kinked or clogged, allowing only a little or no water to pass through. The tubes may end up cracking due to the accumulation of water pressure and start leaking. The hoses may also get cracked or loose if they are old or poorly attached.

  • Faulty pressure switch

A defective pressure switch may not detect water level, thus causing continuous water gaining.

  • Defective drain pump

A damaged drain pump won’t turn to suck the wash water to channel it to the drain hose. The recirculation of used water will result in excess production of foam and result in leakage.

  • Errors in the control module

The control module works with the pressure switch to control the water inlet by the inlet valve. If defective, the inlet valve may not close, resulting in over-accumulation in the drum.

Fixing the problem

Reset the machine

This would clear the error code if it emanated from a slight error in the central control board. After restarting the device, try to run a new cycle without using detergent to reduce the suds. If the error persists,

Fix the door

Check the door of the washer to repair or replace any damaged parts. You may need to use a multimeter to test the door switchboard and wire harness for effective repair and replacement.

Fixing the inner parts

If the above attempts don’t clear the error code,

  • Disassemble the machine to access the internal parts
  • Inspect the inlet hoses to replace them if they are leaking.
  • Examine and replace the pressure switch if defective. Additionally, ensure continuity of its wiring to the control module.
  • Locate the drain pump by removing the rear panel and disconnect it from its hoses. Replace the drain pump if it is defective. Unblock the drain hose and the sewer pipe if faulty too.
  • Assemble the machine and test if the error has cleared.

If it persists, you can opt for the services of a professional to repair the control module.