Samsung Washer Error Code He2

Samsung Washer Error Code HE2

An error with such decoding is found more frequently as compared to others. So, this error is the main weak-point in a Samsung washing machine.

The meaning of the HE2 error in Samsung washing machines

The HE2 code is deciphered as slow heating of the water in the tank, such that no more than 200c heat for ten minutes. In this case, the electronic module would be expected to receive the information from the temperature sensor. Afterwards, the control module reacts by turning the heater off and stopping the washing machine.

When it comes to non-display Samsung washing machines, they usually have a self-diagnostic system that reports the fault by a combination of flashing and burning lights from the control panel.

How to fix the error

Around 90% of the reported cases, this error is claimed to come from the breakdown of the heating element. If so, take forward the step of reading the following the below procedure of counteracting such a problem.

  • Disconnect the machine from the mains and unplug the power from the outlet and wait for 2 to 3 minutes. Afterwards, turn the washer on and start the program again.
  • Maybe, the malfunction is caused by a lack of water in the water supply. Alternatively, the water could not have been turned off.
  • It is also essential to check the stableness of the washing machine on the floor in which it is placed. One of the reasons for doing so is that the floor under the washer may lose stability hence making it weak. Thus, the washing machine starts to swing and vibrate more rapidly during an operation, which may cause the HE2 error.

If you want to repair the problem without any help, do the following.

  1. Disconnect the washing machine and pull it in a more spacious place
  2. Remove the remaining water from the machine.
  3. Remove the wall of the Samsung washer to pave ways pulling out the control panel.
  4. Find the screws near the collector of powder niche and twist them.
  5. Remove the other screw, which is located on the left side of the control panel.
  6. Remove the clamp which holds large rubber hatch in Samsung washing machine.
  7. Dismantle the narrow front panel of the machine and remove it to the side
  8. Pull the control panel off and put it to the top of the body of a washer.
  9. Find the two screws under the control panel that hold the front wall of the Samsung washing machine.
  10. Pull the front wall of the machine gently. The installed wires near the hatch would be expected to stretch gently. Do not unplug the cable, instead disconnect it to repair the code error.