Samsung Washer Error Code Fl

Samsung Washer Error Code FL

The display of the error code FL on the Samsung washing machine indicates that the door won’t close properly or open. The error code may also appear as de, de2, or de1 depending on the model. It may occur at the start of the washing cycle when the door fails to close or at the end of the cycle where the door fails to open. The pop up of the error code FL at the end of the washing cycles may keep your linen inside the machine until you solve it.

What are the possible causes?

The door issues may emanate from:

  • Faulty door lock

A damaged door lock won’t close properly. Frayed wire connections could cause electrical defects in the door lock. It could also be due to the breakage of the parts caused by poor care and maintenance. The machine will indicate loose wire connections by blinking of the error code at irregular intervals.

  • Damaged door latch

The spring of the lock may become oxidized due to water leakage, interfering with the automatic mechanism of closing the door.

  • Stuck solid material/piece of linen

Stuck materials on the part of the door will interfere with its working and even cause leakage.

  • Defective pressure switch

The pressure switch detects the water level in the wash-tub and then sends a signal to the control module, which prompts the inlet valve to either open or close to allow water in or stop water gaining. If defective, the pressure switch may relay the wrong information to the control module, such as the availability of excess water in the machine.  The control module may, in turn, send the error code FL when you attempt to open the door.

  • Defective control module

The control module initiates the automatic locking process of the door. A slight error such as power surge or drop may affect the closure of the door.

Fixing the problem

Inspect all the external defects on the door and make replacements. For the door latch, you need to unscrew it and take the correct part number. Then, use the latch number to order a new one for replacement. Further, check and remove any solid particles on the part of the door and test the device to see if the error clears.

Fixing the pressure switch

  • Disassemble the machine to access the pressure switch.
  • Unscrew the pressure switch and Inspect its wire harness, pressure tube, and the pump itself.
  • Replace the whole unit if you detect any defect.
  • Assemble the washer and restart the machine to test it. The error must clear now that you have looked at every possible cause of the error code.