Samsung Washer Error Code Fe

Samsung Washer Error Code FE

The meaning of the FE error code in Samsung washing machines

In the Samsung washing machine, the FE error indicates a malfunction of the drying fun such as failure of it to rotate. This causes the drying of the clothes to stop or fail to begin, ultimately making the FE error code to appear on the screen. This problem occurs mainly in Samsung washing machines that are equipped with the drying option. It is almost impossible to fix this problem without the professional’s help, although you can take any action of returning the device to its normal state.

How to remove the fault yourself

  • Use the on/off button to disconnect the washing machine
  • Remove the plug from the socket
  • Wait for the machine to rest for a few minutes
  • Turn the washer on again to start the process of drying

If the washing machine no longer shows the error, then everything is in order. However, if this solution doesn’t remove the malfunction definitely, professional help would be required.

Breakdowns that require specialist assistance

The FE error code appears on the Samsung washing machines screen in the following cases:

  1. Problems associated with drying fan. It may be caused by the breakdown of the starting capacitor or jamming, which is brought about by the debris. There could also be motor fun winding or breakage of the motor fun. This problem can either be solved by replacing the starting capacitor or install a new belt. Besides, you might also be needed to clean the impeller debris. But when the motor burns out, it would be wise to replace this implement completely.
  2. Lost connections of the fun circuit. This typically happens when the capacitor goes out of the socket, the contact between the capacitor and other connectors is weakened, or the break in the wiring of the fan. To rectify this, you will be required to change the damaged wires and put the jumper capacitor in place.
  3. The control module is out of order. It usually happens due to the damaged radio element or the processor. Here, you will be required to replace all damaged parts with new ones.