Samsung Washer Error Code E4

Samsung Washer Error Code E4

The display of error code E4 on the Samsung washing machine denotes an imbalance in the drum. Before displaying the error, the motor in the washer becomes loud as it tries to respond to the high power needs required to adjust the balance back to normal. The control module senses the overload in the motor and identifies the cause of the problem. It then sends the error code on display. The machine stops working immediately after the error code pops out.

What causes the error code?

An imbalance in the tank may result from

  • Poor arrangement of the load

Placement of the wrong weight of the load, such as little clothes, may cause a concentration of load to one side of the drum. Additionally, if you fill the washtub with a mixture of both heavy and light linen may flip the drum to one side.

  • Unlevelled stands

Uneven stands may cause the washer to vibrate during the spinning cycles. Continued vibrations may lead to the breakage of various parts of the machine, including those responsible for balancing the drum.

  • Defective balancing system

The drum is held in an even position by the upper counterweight. However, the normal wear and tear break its parts, such as the counterbalance springs, suspension rods, snubber pads, shock absorbers, shock dampers, rear drums, and so on, thus triggering imbalance.

  • The defective central control module

The control module initiates the working of the automatic balancing mechanism. If faulty, it won’t detect any imbalance, and so it won’t respond.

  • Fixing the problem

Switch off the machine and restart it after 10 seconds. The idea is to reset the device to clear the error in case it is resulting from a slight failure in the control module. If the error persists,

Balance the load

  • Unplug the machine from the power supply
  • Drain all the water in the washer
  • Open the door of the washer to distribute the clothes evenly
  • Close the door and start a spinning cycle to see if the error clears.

If that does not help,

Level the stands

  • Level the legs by adjusting the lock nut and the bubble level to ensure accuracy.

Fix the defects in the balancing system

  • Uncover the top, the rear and the front panels to access the metal bar connecting the side panels
  • Unscrew the metal bar to remove the side panels and give access to the top counterweight.
  • Inspect any defective parts for the replacement of worn-out parts.
  • Persistence of the error would imply a problem in the control module.

Fix the control module

  • Remove the back panel to access the control module.
  • Remove it and use an ohmmeter to test its defects for repair.
  • Ensure that the wire harness has continuity