Samsung Washer Error Code E3

Samsung Washer Error Code E3

The meaning of the E3 error code

In the Samsung washing machine, the E3 error means the drum overflow with water. This happens after a sensor sends a signal to the machine screen that indicates there is too much water overflow in the drum. As a result, the machine stops washing; hence the device turns on the drain pump and displays the E3 error code.

The reasons for the Е3 error code in Samsung washing machines

  • poor connection of the drain hose to the sewer pipe. As a result, the washing machine would be filled with water through this hose.
  • Blockage of water filling valve
  • Use of poor-quality powder for washing or exceeding its amount per wash cycle.
  • Failure of the control module.

What to do with the fault

Here is what you need to do if you want to fix the situation and make the washing machine work right.

  1. An abundant foam is expected to form in case there is a lot of powder in the drum. It usually enters the pressure switch tube and creates increased pressure. Therefore, the sensor level starts the process of draining. In this case, you would be required to drain water and remove the laundry. Afterwards, run the mode of rinsing to clean the drum.
  2. In case of the wrong connection of the washing machine, the OE, E3, OF would appear on display. It would be necessary to conduct appropriate discharge into the sewer pipe.
  3. Temporary malfunction in the control module here is the way you can fix it. You will be required to turn off the washing machine and remove the plug from the outlet. Afterwards, leave the washer approximately for five minutes, then turn it on and start the process of washing.

Breakages requiring the help of a specialist

  • Other severe malfunctions in the Samsung front load washer that also cause errors marked by OS, OE, E3, OF:
  • Defective control controller. Here, you can either change the fuse or the entire controller
  • The filling valve is out of order. This part is definitely fixed by replacement.
  • Failure of the water sensor. This element is also fixed by replacement.
  • It is clogging of the tube and air chamber of the pressure switch. This error can be fixed by cleaning.

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