Samsung Washer Error Code De

Samsung Washer Error Code DE

Samsung washer DE error is displayed when there are problems with the door.

Samsung washer DE error is displayed when there are problems with the door.

What does the DE error mean?

The error code DE is associated with the operation of the door hatch. It is caused by various difficulties in locking the locking mechanism, in which the sash:

  1. does not close, preventing the start of the washing process;
  2. the door closes, but the machine still believes that it is open.

The error will, therefore, be displayed if the lock is broken, the door slamming shut is interfered with, a malfunction occurs, the loops are sagged or worn out, or the connection contact is broken.

What do you need to do first?

First, the DE error is resolved by a hardware reboot method. To do this, turn off the device for 10 minutes, and pull the cord from the outlet. Rebooting will start the self-diagnosis mode, and the failure will disappear. Also, you must:

  • remove protruding edges of clothing;
  • remove foreign objects from the inspection window seal;
  • slam the hatch until it clicks.

How to solve the problem yourself?

If Samsung washer DE error occurs due to more serious reasons, the problem is difficult to resolve on its own. Contact customer service. Among the most common prerequisites:

  • failure of the door lock;
  • breakage or loosening of loops;
  • skew of the hatch;
  • The wire of the door lock has broken;
  • damage to the mainboard.

Faulty locking mechanism

It can have a variety of defects that cause the DE error code:

  • sticking of the lever;
  • sticking of the latch;
  • the spring broke;
  • sticking of internal elements.

All this complicates the operation of the door, and it remains unlocked. As a result, the controller does not receive a signal of the sealed blockage, and electronics begin to wash. To fix the problem, it is necessary to change the door lock

Contact break

Firstly, press the terminals more tightly at the joints. Secondly, ring the wires with a multimeter and find the place where the wiring is frayed. After contact recovery, the DE error code will disappear.

Loosening the door hinges

Usually, DE arises if children often swing on the hatch or pull it hard. The hinges move, fall out of the grooves. At the broken element, it is necessary to tighten the screws with a screwdriver, and if they are torn off, change to new ones. The problem of skew of a door is similarly solved.

Damage to the chip

On the control board, the controller, conductive paths, soldering spots may fail. You can check a specific part or section with a multimeter. If the error DE still appears, replace the clip.