Samsung Washer Error Code Dc (old And Top Load Models)

Samsung Washer Error Code DC (Old And Top-Load Models)

Your Samsung washing machine may start the washing cycle normally and then start shaking and rattling after 5 minutes and stop the washing cycle abruptly while displaying the error code DC. The pop up of the error code signals you of imbalance in the washing machine. The motor produces extra noise due to overload caused by a balance mechanism as it tries to revert the balance to normal. To prevent the motor from premature burnout, the control module detects the overload in the motor, identifies the error, and sends a red alert in the form of error code DC. The washer, therefore, becomes non-functional. You need to fix the error to avoid huge heaps of clothes.

The older Samsung washers without display indicate the error through constant lighting of all temperature indicators and flashing of all wash modes indicators.

What causes the error code?

  • Uneven distribution of load

Poor arrangement of the clothes may concentrate the weight to one side thus resulting to imbalance. This could involve loading the drum with little linen or mixing heavy linen with light clothes.

  • Failure of the balance mechanism

The components of the balance mechanism such as damper shocks and the suspension springs may become defective due to the normal wear and tear resulting to imbalance.

  • Poor levelling

The positioning of the machine matters. Poor levelling during installation will cause the machine to shake during the spins. This shaking will deteriorate the motor and damage the components of the balance mechanism.

  • Faulty bearings

The bearings may become dry or broken causing the machine too shaky during the spins. The shaky spins may break the suspension springs resulting in imbalance.

Fixing the error code

Here are ways on how you can clear the error code

Balance the load

  • Start by unplugging the machine from the power
  • If the error occurred during the washing cycle, drain the water first
  • Locate a small door at the lower side of the front panel to open it
  • Unplug the pump behind the door and drain the washing water into a container
  • Open the door of the washer and distribute the laundry evenly using your hands.
  • Level the legs of the machine
  • Ensure the levelness of the legs by adjusting the locknuts. For accuracy, you can use a bubble level to level the machine from back to front and side to side.

Fix the balance mechanism

If the above attempts don’t clear the error code, disassemble the device to repair or replace any broken components in the balance mechanism.

Fixing the bearings

Disassemble the machine to replace the defective bearings. Additionally, always ensure that you grease the bearings regularly to avoid oxidation.

Remember to test the machine after every step of repair or replacement.