Samsung Washer Error Code Dc (door)

Samsung Washer Error Code DC (Door)

Different Samsung washing machines could display this error in different ways. While some display it as DC, others display it as De. Other machines even display the error in its full name “door” or “door error.”

For the machines showing DC, the error could appear as just DC, or it could be supplemented with numbers: DC1 or DC.

For machines showing the error as De, it could display just De or could also be supplemented with numbers: De1 or De2.

Problems associated with error DC

When the door error occurs, either of the following problems could occur:

  • The hatch might fail to close
  • If it happens at the end of washing, the door might fail to unlock
  • The washing machine could close, and the lock could fail to work

Why error DC occurs

If your washing machines issues error DC, you need to examine the machine to identify the possible cause of the problem.

One reason the DC error could appear is if the Samsung washing Device is not tightly closed. The other reason is that there could be an obstruction or foreign object lying between the hatch and the door.

Depending on the problem you identify, you can either close the hatch tightly or remove the foreign object.

Fixing error DC

  • Reboot

Sometimes the DC error may appear due to problems with the electronic unit. Forcefully reboot the Device by turning it off after disconnecting it from the mains. A grace period of 15 minutes is enough; then you can reconnect and restart your machine. If the error still appears, the problem must be with the door system.

  • Check the hatch

If there’s a problem with the hatch, its door doesn’t get blocked so that after completing washing, the door fails to open again. Replace the hatch with a new one. You could get a specialist to assist you in it.

  • Check the microchip

The microchip is the element responsible for regulating the operation of the machine. Any problem with the microchip causes the washing process to stop at the beginning. Check if the processor is burnt or if the module is damaged beyond repair. Replace it.

  • Check the door

The door itself could be damaged or worn out. You could change the loops or replace the entire door if the damage is too much.

  • Check the main lock

When the main lock has a problem, a user will be unable to slam the door. Repair or replace the main lock.

  • Check the wiring

If the wiring between the electronic module and the door is damaged or worn out, you could replace the plume or restore the twisting wires.