Samsung Washer Error Code 8e

Samsung Washer Error Code 8E

When does error 8e occur?

Error 8e occurs at different stages of washing. Basically, there are two significant stages at which the error is often experienced:

First is when the device starts washing clothes, and the machine gains water. Then all of a sudden, the device fails, stops drum rotation, and displays error 8e.

The second instance is when the machine starts washing, and water is gained, and washing is done. The machine then drains off dirty water and allows in clean water for rinsing. When it’s now time for then spinning stage, the stage fails to happen, the drum cannot spin anymore and the device displays error 3e.

It’s noteworthy that there are analogs with similar decoding as the 8e error. They include: EA, 3c, 3e, 3c1, 3c2, 3c3, 3c4, 3e1, 3e2, 3e3, 3e4, 8c, 8c1, and 8e1.

Can error 8e fail to display?

Yes. In some machines, error code 8e might not show up on the screen. You know that the error has occurred when the bio 600c and the two 400c lamps all light up. Also, there will be a rapid flash of the indicators that show the washing program.

Why error 8e occurs?

Error code 8e can show if during laundry the drum gets overloaded with linen. Similarly, if you put too little laundry, the error can occur due to vibration.

The presence of foreign objects between the drum and the tank can cause the drum to jam thus the error 8e.

Total combustion of the machine’s vehicle and damage in communication can cause the error 8e.

If the motor shaft or the magnetic ring gets oxidized, the vibrating sensor and tacho sensor can produce false signals of error code 8e. Also, the presence of dirt between the ring of the tacho sensor and the motor shaft can cause the problem.

Fixing error 8e

  • Reboot

If the error is due to a temporary system failure, it can be reset by rebooting. Turn off the appliance for about fifteen minutes and then turn it on.

  • Overload or reduce linen accordingly.

If the problem was overloading the drum, then reduce the clothing. On the contrary, if the problem was less linen, add more linen.

  • Check drum for dirt

The presence of foreign objects in the tank can cause imbalance to the drum.  If you identified any, remove it through the hole of the fan.

  • Check the vibration sensor and tacho sensor.

If any of these sensors is burnt out, you need to get rid of the old sensor and replace it with a new one.