Samsung Washer Error Code 5e

Samsung Washer Error Code 5E

Can error 5E fail to display?

Apparently, some Samsung washing appliances lack display for error 5E. If there’s a problem with water draining, the device will issue signals. The 40°c indicator lights up. The modes of lamps brink rapidly.

Why error code 5E occurs

Different machine problems can lead to error 5E. You only need to know the exact cause of the problem so that you can come up with a prompt solution. Of the many reasons, error 5E can occur if:

• The drain pump is damaged or broken or if the contacts of the drain pump have switched off
• The drain hose has a bend or if it is clogged with debris
• The part connecting the drain hose to the filter or siphon is clogged
• The drain filter is clogged so that water is unable to pass through the drain hose

Fixing error 5E

The machine could show the error due to a mere system glitch. Reset it by rebooting. Switch off and the machine and wait for about fifteen minutes before reconnecting and switching it on.

Check the drain filter
Eliminating clogs from the drain filter can serve to clear error 5E. To get to the filter, first, switch off the machine and then open the plastic cover.
– Allow water to drain after removing the plug from the machine’s drain hose.
– In an anti-clockwise direction, remove the screws from the filter.
– Clean off all debris and dirt from the filter and return it to its position.

Check the drain hose
If the drain hose is either bent or clogged, error 5E could occur. Solving the issue involves getting the drain hose cleaned. Remove the drain hose from the appliance and using high pressured water, clean the hose. Eliminate all dirt by bending and un-bending the hose during cleaning.

Check the sewage system
The presence of dirt and debris in the sewer pipe can be problematic. First, clean up the sewer pipe by removing the siphon cap and rinsing it under running water. Using a wire that’s bent or somewhat curved at the end, clean the drain.

Call a specialist
If all the above solutions fail to eliminate the 5E error, it means that the device could be having a severe breakdown. Consider calling a specialist in this case.