Samsung Washer Error Code 4e

Samsung Washer Error Code 4E

Why error code 4E occurs?

Similar to 4C, 4E, and EI, error code 4E illustrate a common issue. Often it occurs if the appliance doesn’t gain water. Basically, a dishwasher minus display sends a fault signal through activating all the light bulbs. Besides, the cold water signals light up.

Fixing error code 4E

  • Reboot

If the error code is occurring for the first time, try rebooting the unit. To do that, turn the device off for some minutes. You will realize the disappearance of the glitch control. If resetting doesn’t work and error code 4E continues persisting, try checking the hardware.

  • Check water supply

If your appliance displays the error code 4E, just confirm if you’ve switched off the water supply. Also, ensure that the tap supplying water to the machine is fully open. Normally, the water supply does not influence the appliance. However, the Samsung appliance displays the error code 4E.

  • Check the filter

Little items could clog or damage the entrance filter, causing the error code 4E. It is possible to fix the issues. Here is the guide!

    • Look for the filter
    • Turn off the water supply, detach the hose, get rid of the mesh
    • Wash the filter if there is dirt.

Check with a professional

If everything doesn’t work and the error code still persists on your Samsung dishwater, you can reach out to a qualified person. The guide below illustrates the issue, possible cause, and how to fix it.

IssuePossible causeHow to fix
The appliance doesn’t receive enough water. Displayed are the error codes 4E, E1, or 4C.Unusable inlet valveChange the part
When the appliance is initiated, the 4E error code or E1 or 4C appearsIssues with the control unitYou can either solder the circuit or replace the unit
When the machine is started, the appliance issues the error code 4E.The issue might be the pressure switch. Maybe due to clogged or moved hose or it is mechanically damaged.Repair or replace the hose
Water not getting into the dishwasher. Immediately after starting the appliance, the machine issue error code 4EDestroyed wires between the water inlet valve and electronic unit.Replace the plume or reconnect the wiring

Are error code E4 and 4E the same?

In most cases, people confuse 4E to e4; however, the two are not the same. Actually, the issues are caused by distinct reasons. The error code e4 implies that the device has an imbalance in the drum. This is due to:

  • A lot of laundries
  • Laundry perhaps is little
  • Linen has developed a ball and attaches on the drum
  • Electronic controller issues