Samsung Washer Error Code 1e

Samsung Washer Error Code 1E

As for when the error appears, there is no given time that the error cannot appear. This means that error 1E can occur at any stage of washing.

For machines that don’t display this error, you should watch out for signals like the lighting of the 40 degrees and 60 degrees indicators, the lighting of the “cold” washing mode bulb, and the flashing of all other light indicators.

Analogs of error 1E include error E7 which is mostly displays on washers used until the year 2007. Another analog is 1C appearing on devices the same age as those displaying error 1E. All in all, these errors are caused by the same problems.

Why error 1E occurs

Error 1E can be caused by several factors. It occurs if:

  • If the control module fails, the error is likely to show
  • If the pressure tube is disconnected from the washing machine or if it’s bent
  • If the drain hose is clogged or if it’s not correctly connected to the washing device
  • If sensor contacts get oxidized and if there is breakage of the electronic unit
  • If the wiring of the pressure switch is faulty

Fixing error 1E

  • Reboot

The washing machine could display error 1E as a result of the failure of the control module. Forcefully resetting the machine should eliminate the error. Switch off and disconnect the device then wait for fifteen minutes. Reconnect and switch the machine on.  If doing so doesn’t reset the error, consider other options.

  • Check the pressure tube.

Check the tube that connects the sensor to the chamber for pressure sampling. This tube is the one that regulates the level of water.  It could be that the tube got bent or even disconnected from the machine during washing. Depending on the issues, straighten or reconnect the tube respectfully. You could also replace the tube if severely damaged.

  • Check the drain hose.

If the drain hose is clogged or disconnected to the output, remove the clogging by cleaning the hose and reconnect the hose. Be sure the connection is tight and intact.

  • Check the control module.

A burnt resistor in the control module can be re-soldered. But if the malfunction is due to the damage of the module’s processor, you might be required to replace the entire unit.

  • Check pressure switch

Washing may be troublesome with an oxidized sensor or a broken-down electronic unit coupled with improper wiring of the pressure switch.  For these problems, clear the contacts to get the current supply adjusted.  For the wires, re-twist them accordingly and do a replacement for the tail.

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