Samsung Washer Dryer Error D5

Samsung Washer Dryer Error D5

The error code D5 on the Samsung washing machine appears at the beginning of the washing cycle. It signifies an error on the door of the device that is preventing it from closing properly. It may also prevent the door from opening if it occurred during the washing cycle. You need to identify and fix the cause of the error to execute your washing task.

Causes of the error code

The error may appear due to:

  • Faulty door lock

A defective door lock won’t latch properly. The defects could either be mechanical due to breakage or electrical due to lack of continuity in connection. You will detect the problem in the wire connections if the error blinks.

  • Defective door latch

The spring-loaded lock won’t close the door firmly due to the breakage of one of its parts is broken.

  • Stuck piece of linen/solid material

The door won’t close appropriately if a solid material or piece of linen is stuck on it.

  • Defective control module

The chances of the central control module to cause the error is minimal. It should be the last component to be tested if troubleshooting the other possible causes fails to work.

Fixing the error code

First, ensure that there is no solid material or piece of linen, preventing the door from closing properly. The door issue could be resulting from a slight error in the control module that you can fix by resetting the machine. Unplug the device from power then restart it after 10 seconds. You can alternatively reset the machine by pressing the reset button if you are using the latest Samsung washers. If the error persists,

Fix the door lock

Start by examining the possibility of any mechanical damage on the lock and then use a multimeter to test the switchboard and the wire harness. Replace any defects.

Fix the door latch

  • Safety comes first. Unplug the machine from the power
  • Locate the machines door latch and inspect it for any damages
  • If the latch is defective, you need to make an order for a new one
  • Record the part number of the Samsung washer door latch
  • Use the part number to order a new door latch online
  • Once it is delivered, unscrew the old door latch and replace it with the new one. The error will clear if it was the only cause of the failure.

Fixing the control module

The control module works with the door switchboard to initiate the locking. However, it will not work if it has some defective elements or damaged wire harness. You need to repair it to clear the error.