Samsung Washer Dryer Error Code Fe

Samsung Washer Dryer Error Code FE

The meaning of FE error code I a Samsung washer drier

The FE error code appearing in the dryer of a Samsung washer stands for fan error. Its rotation may be caused by two or more reasons hence interfering with the process of drying or fail to begin at all. It is important to note that this error is typical for Samsung models which have a drying option. In most cases, the drying process found in this model is mainly indicated by the FE model. Besides, it is possible to understand the ventilation error by yourself.

When does FE error appear and how to fix it?

There could be a failure in the system of self-diagnosis. In other instances, the error code may appear due to the inability of the self-test of the washer-dryer to function correctly. Therefore, the control module would receive a false signal. Afterwards, a message with an error code that is not occurring would be issued by the self-diagnosis.

To deal with this issue, just turn off the washer dryer with a pause or start button. This should be followed by pulling the code out of the socket. After approximately 5 to 10 minutes, turn on, and start the drying mode again. The FE code will not be expected to appear any longer if it is false.

However, if the restart of the washer-dryer fails to help, then the FE error would be likely to indicate a severe malfunction. In this case, your Samsung washer dryer calls for help from the professionals.

Causes of the FE error

  1. There is faulty drying which is caused by the breakdown of the starting capacitor, drying up of the bearing grease, and clogging of the fan impeller. This problem can be corrected by following the appropriate procedure such as replacing the start capacitor, removing the debris which interferes with the rotation of the impeller, and greasing the fun belt.
  2. Interruption of the signals in the fun circuit is caused by poor contact of the starting capacitor with the connectors, replacement of the condenser during the top cover, open or short circuit in the wiring to the fun. This can be counteracted by replacing or cleaning poor contacts in the place of the capacitor, carefully connecting the capacitor with connectors, twisting, or replacing the broken wire in the loop.
  3. Lastly, the problem in defective module control can be corrected by restoring the damaged elements on the board.