Samsung Washer Dryer Error 6e

Samsung Washer Dryer Error 6E

Having a Samsung washing machine is fun. You can use it to perform both washing and drying cycles. Some devices have even the cold and hot water options and child lock buttons to avoid the interruption of the washing operation. Your enjoyment of such benefits may, however, be halted by the failure of the operating buttons, which is indicated by the display of the error code 6E. The error code may also appear as Eb, bE, or bC, depending on the model. The older models without a display may indicate the error by simultaneous lighting of the hot and cold water temperature indicators.

What causes the problem?

The error code 6E may result from:

  • Faulty thyristor switch

The thyristor switch responds to instructions from factory power switches, spin buttons, temperature buttons, and any other operating button on the machine. When defective, the thyristor switch becomes non-responsive, making the device non-functional.

  • Stuck buttons

Any stuck button on the control panel may make the rest of the buttons non-responsive.

  • Child lock activation

Child lock is an integrated setting that allows you to lock the machine to avoid interference of the washing cycle. The option may become activated by an accidental press of either its button or pressing of various key combinations. Once activated, it inhibits the working of all control buttons except the power button.

  • Failure of the central control module

The control module coordinates the working of the buttons and the thyristor. A failure on one of its elements may cause the error code to appear.

 How do you resolve the problem?

Resetting the machine will clear the error if a slight error caused it in the control module. If the error persists, check whether the child lock button is activated.

 Fixing the child-lock

If active, the machine will illuminate a toddler’s face or a smile with a lock beside the child lock button. Use either the child lock button or key combinations such as wash and rinse buttons to deactivate the child lock. The use of key combinations will, however, depends on the model.

 Fixing the thyristor switch

  • Unscrew the machine to remove the thyristor switch
  • Use a multimeter to test the condition of the unit
  • Replace it if defective
  • Refit the thyristor switch and test the device to see if the error clears

 Fixing the control module

If the above attempts don’t work, then the problem might be in the control module. You can opt for the manufacturer’s services using the warranty cover or repair it if you are an expert.