Samsung Washer Dryer Error 5d

Samsung Washer Dryer Error 5D

Samsung washing machines are highly versatile with options such as instant washing and delay timer. You may, however, be denied the enjoyment of such great features by the appearance of error code 5D or SD on the display screen. The error signals that the machine is unable to continue with the rinsing cycle due to excess suds. The error may not require any fixation unless it results from a technical error such as a faulty drain pump. The machine waits for the suds to settle and then continues with the rinsing cycle. You, however, need to take precautions to avoid Oversudsing since an excess accumulation of foam may affect the effectiveness of the pressure switch.

Causes of the error code

The excess accumulation of foam may result from

  • Use of excess detergent

Using too much detergent will result in Oversudsing during the washing leading to poor execution of the washing task.

  • Application of the wrong detergent

For efficient execution of the washing tasks, it is advisable to use the high-efficiency detergent, which causes low foam formation. A wrong detergent is likely to misbehave.

  • Clogged or kinked drain hose

The accumulation of debris may block the drain hoses, thus inhibiting the drainage of dirty water. The recirculation pump, therefore, circulates water, which is full of detergent repeatedly resulting in Oversudsing.

  • Failure of the drain pump

A faulty drain pump won’t spin to pull suck water from the wash-tub and force it out through the drain hose. This will result in the recirculation of used water, which is full of detergent.

This results in excessive foam formation.

Fixing the problem

Before you disassemble the machine, run an additional rinse cycle without any extra detergent to see if the error clears.

  • Fixing the drain hose

Check for any kinks in the drain hose and correct them, if any. Unscrew the clamps to remove the hoses. Inspect and use a snaking hose to eliminate any clogs in the pipe. Refit the hoses. You can run a free spin to see if the error clears.

  • Fixing the drain pump

If the error persists despite the above attempts, you need to disassemble the machine to examine the drain hose.

  • Unscrew the rear panel to access the pump
  • Disconnect all the pipes and wire harness to remove it
  • Inspect the impeller of the drain pump to ensure that it’s in a working condition
  • Examine also the pump and replace it if faulty.
  • Assemble back the machine and test the machine. Having serviced all the possible causes of the error, then it must clear.

To minimize the future occurrence of the error code, always use high-efficiency detergents recommended in the manufacturer’s manual in the right quantity.