Samsung Washer Dryer Error 4c

Samsung Washer Dryer Error 4C

Through the display of various error codes, Samsung washing machines are modified to alert you of any errors in the system. Error code 4C is one of such alerts. It may appear either at the start of the washing or rinsing cycle. The appearance of such an error code signifies an issue in the water supply system is preventing the gaining of water in the machine.

What causes the problem?

The problem could emanate from:

  • Kinked or clogged supply hoses

Bent pipes won’t allow the free flow of water to the washing drum. Further, the inlet hoses may become clogged due to the accumulation of debris and minerals.

  • Blocked/defective inlet valve

A solid particle or any other debris may block the water inlet valve, thus inhibiting water passage. Additionally, the solenoid valve, which is responsible for opening and closing the inlet valve, may become defective. The control module detects the error and relays a red alert to the display.

  • Defective pressure pump

The pressure pump detects the water level in the wash-tub and signals the water inlet valve through the control module. If not in order, the pressure switch won’t detect the need for water in the drum, and the solenoid valve won’t open the inlet valve resulting in a dry tap.

  • Faulty control module

This unit works with the pressure switch and the inlet valve to control the supply of water to the washer. Its failure would render the water supply system non-functional. A slight issue such as drop or surge in the current flow may also cause it to misbehave.

How you fix the problem?

Start by resetting the machine. Unplug the device from power and restart it after 10 seconds. If the error clears, then the error was caused by a slight failure on the part of the control unit.

Fixing the inner parts

If the error persists after resetting the machine,

  • Disassemble the machine to access the inner parts.
  • Uncover the top, the rear, and the front panels
  • Unscrew and remove the metal bar attaching the side panels to give access to the upper counterweight
  • Remove also the fasteners on the top panel to remove it
  • Inspect all inlet hoses to ensure there is no leakage, and then disconnect them to access the inlet valve.
  • Test the solenoid valve and replace the inlet valve if it is defective
  • Proceed to examine the pressure switch, which is next to the inlet valve (you have to remove it to identify any defects).
  • Replace it if defective.
  • Reassemble the machine using the reverse process. Then test if the error has cleared.

Fixing the control unit

If all the above attempts don’t work, then the must be a problem in the control module.

  • Remove the bottom panel and disconnect the wire harness and hoses to access the control module.
  • Unscrew it to test for any defective elements.
  • Repair the defects and refit the unit.

Fix the bottom panel back. This must clear the error.