Samsung Washer Dryer Error 2h

Samsung Washer Dryer Error 2H

The appearance of the error code 2H on your Samsung washing machine can be a cause of panic, especially if you are a new user. The code should not, however, make you nervous as it there to alert you on the remaining duration for the completion of the washing cycle. The first number in the code ’2’ shows the length of time while the second letter, ‘H,’ denotes the hours. The code may appear with different durations such as 2H, 3H, or 4H depending on the material of the laundry and the selected spin speed.

Possible causes of the code

Though the code 2H is not an error, there are several reasons which may prompt the pop up of the code. These are:

  • The delay timer

Most Samsung washers have the delay timer feature, which allows you to custom set the machine to start the washing cycle later. When activated, the code may have a significant number of hours, which you may easily confuse as a malfunction of the machine.

The feature is useful, especially if you usually have busy schedules and don’t want to pile large heaps of laundry. All you need is to load the machine with laundry and set the device to activate your pre-arranged washing cycle later. However, the application of the feature comes with a significant level of risk since a slight error in the machine you could solve while you were around may worsen and damage the device.

  • Selection of additional mode

Setting of the additional modes while the washing cycle is ongoing may trigger the pop up of the error code. The idea is to notify you of the possible duration the washing cycle may take to complete after engaging the machine to an additional mode.

Note: always take a careful look to avoid confusing the 2H error code with the H2 error code on display. The appearance of error code H2 is a red alert for defects in the heating circuit. You must repair the machine whenever the H2 error occurs.

Understanding the time codes

The display of time codes on the washing machine is an indicator that your device is effectively working to execute the set cycles within the displayed time. The duration may, however, not be exact but rather have some slight variation. For instance:

2H-may take 100 to 180 minutes to complete the washing cycle

3H-may take 180 to 240 minutes before completion

4H-may take any duration above 240 minutes