Samsung Dryer Error Code De

Samsung Dryer Error Code DE


The error in discussion causes the washing Samsung dryer to stop working immediately after the program is initiated. When it comes to the traditional laundry appliances which lack the display panel, this error would be indicated when their temperature regulator lights up.

How to solve the problems associated with error code dE

The steps to be followed are as indicated below;

  • Reset the machine, if it is the first time the error has occurred,
  • The plug should be pulled from the source of power
  • Unplug the device for 10-15 minutes.
  • Connect the machine into the source of power and start washing.
  • However, if the problem reappears, that signals a defect in the washing machine.

Lodging objects in the door can also cause the problem. To solve this, the user should check whether there are clothe edges that can prevent the tongue from setting foot in the groove and remove them from the appliance.

Another cause of the same error is the movement of the machine. To do away with the problem, use the spirit level to align the washing machine vertically or horizontally. As a result, the latch will fit tightly in the hinge.

Causes of Malfunctions and ways of erasing them

Several parts of the door can cause an error. Some such parts include the door lock, rubber seal of the door, broken door latch, the door sensor’s position, the handle of the door, the control unit, and door hinges.

The Door Lock

The washing machine may fail to start when the door is not latched correctly. This can provoke the dE error code. To eliminate the problem, check the door lock using a multimeter then repair the broken part.

Broken door Latch

The control unit may fail to receive the door closing signal, especially when the tongue fails to fit the hinge tightly. Therefore, it is essential to replace such latch.

Door screws

If the door screws are broken or outdated, they can cause the dE error. So, one should install new hinges and tightening of the bolts to solve the problem.

Microcircuit failure

The washing machine breakdown right after starting the program. Resistors that control door locking should be replaced to get rid of the error.

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