Replacement Of The Heating Element In The Bosh Washer

Replacement Of The Heating Element In The BOSCH Washer

Appliances, even the most reliable ones, are at risk of breakdowns. Once in a while, these apparatus become faulty. A typical faultiness of the Bosch washing machine is the failure of the heating equipment. Usually, this malfunction is caused by operating situations.

Replacement of this part is the only way to solve this faultiness, and you can fix it yourself. This article will shed light on how to do the repair work. From here, you can either decide to do it yourself or call out a specialist.


Repair work of the heating element in this washing machine can be attributed to the average scale of difficulty. This work will require several simple tools to help you. However, it will take time, and you will need to have some patience. It would help if you prepared the following:

  • A flat and bent screwdriver
  • A tester to measure the degree of resistance
  • A bit of torex type (with 10mm size)
  • A wrench for the bit
  • Locating the heating equipment
  • The heating element is found behind the front cover. To access the heating element, you will have to take the time to dismantle the device.
  • Using the Phillips screwdriver, unbolt the bolts fastening the body panel, located at the back. Then pull out the cover.
  • Remove the detergent drawer out of its place.
  • Behind the detergent drawer, there are two bolts, and you should loosen them.
  • Carefully pull out the control panel. Please avoid pulling them forward to prevent the breakage of wires.
  • Using a flat screwdriver, pull out the bottom panel of the Bosch washing machine.
  • Take off the hatch cuff inside the drum by opening and pulling out the metal clamp.
  • Later, take off the lock by unbolting the two bolts and detach the supply wires from the lock.

Replace the heating equipment

Once the cover is removed, find the heating equipment under the tank. Using a tester, attach the probes to the contacts of the heating component. If you find the resistance to be between 25 and 35 ohms, then the heating equipment is intact, otherwise replacing the element.

To remove the heating component from its nest, you will require to:

  • Pull out the terminals with wires.
  • Detach the thermistor
  • Using the torex head unbolt the screw found at the base of the heating equipment
  • Hook the heating component using a flat screwdriver at its bottom and pull the element towards you.